Pragmatic Literary Stylistics

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September 2014



In considering the ways in which current theories of language in use and communicative processes are applied to the analysis, interpretation and definition of literary texts, this book sets an agenda for the future of pragmatic literary stylistics and provides a foundation for future research and debate.


1. Introduction; Siobhan Chapman and Billy Clark 2. The Art of Repetition in Muriel Spark's Telling; Andrew Caink 3. 'Oh, do let's talk about something else -': What is Not Said and What is Implicated in Elizabeth Bowen's The Last September; Siobhan Chapman 4. Before and After Chekhov: Inferring Literary Interpretations and Literary Value; Billy Clark 5. Outsourcing: A Relevance-theoretic Account of the Interpretation of Theatrical Texts; Anne Furlong 6. Relevance Theory, Syntax and Literary Narrative; Barbara MacMahon 7. Negation, Expectation and Characterisation: Analysing the Role of Negation in Character Construction in To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee 1960) and Stark (Elton 1989); Lisa Nahajec 8. Intertextuality and the Pragmatics of Literary Reading; Maria-Eirini Panagiotidou 9. 'I've never enjoyed hating a book so much in my life'. The Co-construction of Reader Identity in the Reading Group ; David Peplow 10. The Narrative Tease: Narratorial Omniscience, Implicature, and the Making of Sensation in Lady Audley's Secret; Ruth Schuldiner 11. Literary Style as Facework: Dialogue and Deference in Turkish-German Literature; Chantelle Warner


Andrew Caink, University of Westminster, UK

Anne Furlong, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Barbara McMahon, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Lisa Nahajec, Liverpool Hope University, UK
Maria-Eirini Panagiotidou, West Chester University, USA

David Peplow, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Ruth Schuldiner, University of Oxford, UK
Chantelle Warner, University of Arizona, USA
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