Practical Handbook of Thoracic Anesthesia

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Januar 2012



This comprehensive handbook delivers "bottom line," evidence-based guidance in the practice of thoracic anesthesia. Chapters are short and practical and include actionable technical pearls not available elsewhere.  The editor and contributors are academic faculty who work at one of the busiest thoracic surgical programs in North America, and their aim has been to integrate essential concepts with practical decision-making.
.Detailed guidance for performing more than 30 thoracic surgical procedures
.Relevant surgical insights from a senior thoracic surgeon included for each procedure
.Full range of modern thoracic anesthetic challenges covered
.Essential foundation concepts digested and simplified
.Technical aspects sufficiently detailed to be useful
.An efficient resource for skilled generalists and trainees


Table of Contents
Preface: How to use this book
            Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
I. Essential Foundations:
1.   Thoracic Radiology
            Thomas Edrich, M.D. &  Beatrice Trotman-Dickenson, MBBS
2.   Respiratory Physiology
            Michael Nurok, M.D., PhD. & George Topulos, M.D.
3.   Resiratory Pathophysiology
            Shannon S. McKenna, M.D.
4.   Respiratory Effects of General Anesthesia
            Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
5.   Physiology of One-Lung Ventilation
            Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
6.   Idiopathic Acute Lung Injury following Thoracic Surgery
Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
II. Essential Technical Aspects
7.   Thoracic Positioning & Incisions
            Teresa Bean, M.D.
8.   Bronchoscopic Anatomy
            Thomas Edrich, M.D.
9.  Technical Aspects of Lung Isolation
            Sarah H. Wiser, M.D.
10.   Special Airway Devices for Thoracic Anesthesia: CPAP, PEEP, & Airway Exchange Catheters
            Sarah H. Wiser, M.D.
11.   Alternative Ventilatory Techniques
            Gyorgy Frendl, M.D., Ph.D.
12.   Respiratory Therapy Devices
            David A. Silver, M.D.
13.   Technical Aspects of Pain Control Procedures for Thoracic Surgery
            Nelson Thaemert, M.D.
III.  Essential Principals of Clinical Management
14.   Preoperative Evaluation of the Thoracic Surgical Patient
            Nicholas Sadovnikoff, M.D.
15.    Overview: Surgeon's Approach to the Patient with Lung Cancer
            Steven J. Mentzer, M.D.
16.   Principals of Anesthetic Management for Pulmonary Resection
            Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
17.  Management of Common Complications Following Thoracic Surgery
            Andrew Friedrich, M.D.        
IV.  Specific Thoracic Surgical Procedures:
            Surgical & Anesthetic Management Essentials
            Editor of Surgical Considerations: Steven Mentzer, M.D.
18.   Flexible Bronchoscopy
            Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
19.   Mediastinoscopy
            Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
20.  Anterior Mediastinal Mass
            Ju-Mei Ng, FANZCA & Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
21.    Lung-Sparing Pulmonary Resections: Bronchoplastic/Sleeve Resection
            Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
22.   Pneumonectomy
            Ju-Mei Ng, FANZCA
23.  Extrapleural Pneumonectomy
            Ju-Mei Ng, FANZCA
24.  Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
            Nelson Thaemert, M.D.
25.   Plueral Space Procedures
            Shannon S. McKenna, M.D.
26.   Rigid Bronchoscopy
            Eric D. Skolnick, M.D.
27.   Laser Surgery of the Airway and Laser Safety
            Gyorgy Frendl, M.D.
28.   Tracheal Stent Placement
            David A. Silver, M.D.
29.   Anesthesia for Tracheostomy
            David A. Silver, M.D.
30.   Tracheal Resection and Reconstruction
            David A. Silver, M.D.
31.   Bronchopleural Fistula
            Ju-Mei Ng, FANZCA & Peter Gerner, M.D.
32.   Esophagectomy
            Ju-Mei Ng, FANZCA
33.  Esophageal Perforation
            Ju-Mei Ng, FANZCA
34.   Lung Transplantation
            Vladimir Formanek, M.D., & Ju-Mei Ng, FANZCA
35.   Miscellaneous Thoracic Surgical Procedures
            Teresa Bean, M.D. & Shannon S. McKenna, M.D.
36.   Anesthesia for Pediatric Thoracic Surgery
            Juan C. Ibla, M.D.
V.  Essential of Pain Management following Thoracic Surgery
37.   Acute Postoperative Pain Control following Thoracic Surgery
            Peter Gerner, M.D. & Philip M. Hartigan, M.D.
38.   Chronic Post-Thoracotomy Pain Syndrome
            Peter Gerner, M.D.



Philip M. Hartigan, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Director, Division of Thoracic Anesthesia
Brigham and Women's Hospital Boston, MA    02115


From the reviews:

'This is a comprehensive yet brief review of perioperative thoracic anesthesia care. ' The target audience includes anesthesiologists who don't routinely do thoracic cases and anesthesia residents. ' Chapters are brief, to the point, and well illustrated. ' provides real life information on thoracic anesthesia and demystifies lung isolation techniques in thoracic surgery. It's a must read for all anesthesia residents and a must have for general anesthesiologists who may end up doing a complicated thoracic case while on call.' (Tariq M. Malik, Doody's Review Service, April, 2012)

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