Policing Across Borders

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Dezember 2012



Globalization has had a sharp impact on the definition of 'national security,' as the interconnectedness of many threats calls for them to be addressed at the national and global level simultaneously.  Law enforcement efforts must increasingly include elements of international and transnational communication and cooperation. Police forces in different countries must find common ways to share data and track international crime trends.This timely work analyzes key challenges confronting the law enforcement community, with regards to international crime, particularly illegal trafficking and terrorism.  The contributions in this volume are the result of a series of workshops that brought together international law enforcement officials, researchers, and representatives from intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to examine the need for international police cooperation, the specific challenges this presents, and to propose solutions.This work will be of interest to researchers in law enforcement, criminal justice, crime prevention, and international relations.


The Internationalization of Crime Control.
Democratic Policing and State Capacity in an Integrated World.
Legal Reform and Institution-Building in the Context of National Security.
The Role of International Assistance in Increasing Sstate Capacity in Law Enforcement.
The Role of International Assistance for Building the Capacity of National Law Enforcement Institutions.
International Legislative Initiatives to Combat Human Trafficking.
Combating Human Trafficking Through Transnational Law Enforcement Cooperation.
Aspects of Accountability in Law Enforcement.



From the reviews:

'The Author examines the interconnection between three forces: the demands of a democratic police force, the construction of a state's capacities as a way to achieve democratic policing, and the ability of international institutions to help create and cultivate the fine balance between the competing aims of modern policing in a democratic society. Without a doubt this excellent informative work will be of interest to British forces who play such a large role in enforcement, and international relations.' (Rob Jerrard, Internet Law Book Reviews, 2012)

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