Plant Mitochondria

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November 2010



Mitochondria are the product of a long evolutionary history. It is now a well established fact that mitochondria did evolve from free living bacteria being the common ancestor of both, eukaryotic mitochondria and a-proteobacteria. Advances in genome sequencing, the establishment of in organello and in vitro assays to name only a few, contributed significantly to advances in plant mitochondrial research. Second generation sequencing and the ability to directly sequence and analyse the whole plant transcriptome certainly will help to develop the research on plant mitochondria to another level in the future. In this book the current knowledge about plant mitochondria is presented in a series of detailed chapters, which have been organized in five main sections: (i) dynamics, genes and genomes; (ii) transcription and RNA processing; (iii) translation and import; (iv) biochemistry, regulation and function; and (v) mitochondrial dysfunction and repair. These sections consist of two to five chapters, each written by well-known specialists in the field. This book thus provides a comprehensive inside in the field of plant mitochondria for the specialist. The addition of a glossary and text boxes to each chapter provides easy access for readers from other subjects and hopefully will attract young scientist to the fascinating and exiting field of plant mitochondria.


Preface: Introduction to plant mitochondria ¿ FRANK KEMPKEN, KIEL
Dynamics, Genes & Genomes
1. Evolutionary origin and endosymbiotic aspects of mitochondria ¿ VOLKER KNOOP, BONN
2. Dynamics of mitochondrial shape, size etc. ¿ DAVID LOGAN, SASKATCHEWAN
3. Plant mitochondrial genomes & recombination ¿ SALLY MACKENZIE, LINCOLN
Transcription & RNA processing
4. Transcription in plant mitochondria ¿ THOMAS BÖRNER, BERLIN
5. RNA processing and RNA stability ¿ STEFAN BINDER, ULM
8. RNA binding proteins required for chloroplast RNA processing ¿ CHRISTIAN SCHMITZ-LINNEWEBER, BERLIN
Translation & Import
9. Translation and mitochondrial proteom in plants ¿ HARVEY MILLAR, CRAWLEY
10. Import of RNAs into plant mitochondria ¿ LAURENCE MARÉCHAL-DROUARD, STRASBOURG
11. Import of proteins into plant mitochondria ¿ ELISABETH GLASER, STOCKHOLM
12. Mitochondrial import in fungi and animals ¿ WOLFGANG VOOS, BONN
Biochemistry, Regulation & Function
13. Biogenesis and supramolecular organization of mitochondrial membrane complexes in plants¿ HANS-PETER BRAUN, HANNOVER
14. Electron Transport & Stress ¿ ALLAN RASMUSSON, LUND
15. Interaction of mitochondria and plastids (and other cellular compartments?) ¿ KO NOGUCHI, TOKYO
16. Mitochondrial retrograde regulation ¿ DAVID RHOADS, MESA
17. Programmed cell death ¿ PAUL MCCABE, DUBLIN
Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Repair
18. Cytoplasmic male sterility & fertility restoration by nuclear genes ¿ KRISTINA.GLIMELIUS, UPPSALA
19. Human mitochondrial mutations and repair ¿ SUSAN LEDOUX, MOBILE



Frank Kempken graduated from the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. He is professor for genetics and molecular biology in botany at the Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel, Germany.
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