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Mai 2008



On behalf of the Organizing Committee for Pervasive 2008, welcome to the proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Pervasive Computing. The year2008wasthesecondtimeinasmanyyearsthatthePervasiveconferencehas attempted to 'globalize': For the second year in a row the conference was held outside of Europe. The conference is seen as one of the most respected venues for publishing researchon pervasive and ubiquitous computing and captures the state of the art in pervasive computing research. In 2008, as in previous years, the proceedings present solutions for challenging research problems and help to identify upcoming research opportunities. Pervasive 2008 attracted 114 high-quality submissions, from which the Te- nical Program Committee accepted 18 papers, resulting in a competitive 15. 8% acceptance rate. There were over 335 individual authors from 27 countries,c- ing from a wide range of disciplines and from both academic and industrial organizations. Papers were selected solely on the quality of their peer reviews using a double-blind review process. The review process was carried out by 38 members of the international Technical ProgramCommittee (TPC) who are - perts of international standing. The TPC members were aided by 104 external reviewers. It wasa rigorousreviewprocess,in whicheachpaper had atleastfour reviews: three reviews provided by by the Committee members and one review written by an external reviewer. The reviews were followed by a substantive - liberation on each paper during an electronic discussion phase before the start of the Committee meeting.

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