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This book contains a plethora of different viewpoints and research results from all over the world, bringing them together to provide a global perspectiveon the various issues that comprise "open access". Topics include copyright, best practices and management, open access and society, repositories, journals, publications and publishing, services and technology, quality andevaluation. The book offers a holistic focus on open access and can serve as a useful learning tool for students and professionals.


1;Contents;6 2;Preface;8 3;Foreword;10 4;Committees;12 5;Creativity and Copyright: Introductory Thoughts;14 6;Best Practices and Management;18 6.1;How to Build an Institutional Repository? Practical Guide from a Special Library;20 6.2;Open Access and Academic Library Public Services: Roles for Reference and Instruction;30 6.3;Marketing Strategies for Increasing the Visibility of Scientific Research in the View of Open Access Principles;40 6.4;Managing Virtual Environments in Libraries: Second Life and Information Literacy;52 7;Open your Society;62 7.1;Academic Authors, Scientific Information and Open Access Publishing;64 7.2;Towards a New Technology for Science Online. Open Access Portals and Social Networking as a Source of Scientific Information;76 7.3;Open Access and Web 2.0 Convergence: Information Foundation of the Future;84 8;Repository;96 8.1;An Institutional Repository Project as an Organizational Change Vision in IRTA;98 8.2;Enhancing Institutional Repositories (IR) in Ghana;106 8.3;Surabaya Memory: Opportunities and Challenges of Open Access e-Heritage Repositories;114 8.4;Developing a Repository: A Librarys Journey;122 9;Journals;128 9.1;Open Access and Academic Libraries Journal Subscriptions;130 9.2;Copyright and Open Access Journals in Greece;138 10;Publications and Publishing;146 10.1;Open Access Collaborative Disciplinary Repositories An Alternative Publishing Model;148 11;Services and Technology;156 11.1;ZS Project: Zoological Science Meets Institutional Repositories;158 11.2;Technology Trends, Requirements and Models for Providing Sustainable Technological Support for Libraries in an Evolving Environment;168 11.3;Mapping the Intellectual Structure of Open Access Field through Co-citations;178 12;Quality and Evaluation;188 12.1;Open Access Books Collections Improvement According to Cost, Users Satisfaction and Users Demands;190


Anthi Katsirikou, University of Piraeus Library, Piraeus, Greece
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