OECD Guide to Measuring the Information Society 2011

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Januar 2011



This OECD Guide to Measuring the Information Society is a compilation of concepts, definitions, classifications and methods for information society measurement and analysis.


1;Foreword;5 2;Table of Contents;7 3;Preface;11 4;Acknowledgements;12 5;Chapter 1. Introduction;13 5.1;The information society, in statistical terms;14 5.2;The Guide and its rationale;14 5.2.1;The information society;16 5.2.2;The economic dimension;16 5.2.3;The social dimension;16 5.2.4;Rationale;17 5.2.5;Expected benefits;17 5.3;Users of the Guide;18 5.4;Scope and content of the Guide;18 5.5;Output: Publication of information society statistics;19 6;Chapter 2. ICT Products;21 6.1;Introduction;22 6.2;The ICT product classification;23 6.3;International trade in ICT products;24 6.4;The price and quality of ICT products;24 6.4.1;Hedonic indexes and quality adjustments in price indexes for IT products;25 6.5;Notes;28 6.6;References;28 6.7;Annex 2.A1. OECD Classifications of Information Economy Products;30 6.8;References;49 7;Chapter 3. ICT Infrastructure;51 7.1;Introduction;52 7.2;Public switched telecommunication networks (PSTN);53 7.3;The Internet;53 7.3.1;A note on infrastructure technologies;53 7.3.2;Broadband measurement;54 7.3.3;Internet network statistics;55 7.3.4;Internet traffic exchange measures;56 7.4;Quality of services;56 7.5;Infrastructure investment;57 7.6;Tariffs;57 7.7;Notes;57 7.8;References;58 8;Chapter 4. ICT Supply;59 8.1;Introduction;60 8.2;The ICT sector definition;60 8.3;Production of ICT goods and services outside the ICT sector;62 8.4;The impacts of the ICT sector;62 8.4.1;Empirical work;62 8.4.2;Measurement issues;62 8.4.3;Future developments;63 8.5;ICT patenting activity;63 8.5.1;Introduction;63 8.5.2;Statistical and policy use of patent indicators;63 8.5.3;Strengths and limitations of using patent documents for statistical analysis;64 8.5.4;Designing indicators to measure innovative activity: selection of appropriate criteria;65 8.5.5;Patent indicators by industry;65 8.5.6;Definition of ICT-related patents;66 8.5.7;Future developments;68 8.6;Notes;68 8.7;References;69 9;Chapter 5. ICT Demand by Businesses;71 9.1;Introduction;72 9.2;OECD mode
l survey of ICT use by businesses1;72 9.3;E-commerce;73 9.3.1;The framework for measurement;75 9.3.2;Other functional types;76 9.3.3;Future work;76 9.4;E-business;77 9.4.1;History of WPIIS work on measuring e-business;77 9.4.2;Conceptual model for measuring e-business;77 9.4.3;Model questions for measuring e-business;78 9.5;ICT investment and expenditure by business;80 9.6;The economic impacts of ICT investment and ICT use;82 9.6.1;Empirical analysis;82 9.6.2;Measurement and comparability;83 9.6.3;Future developments;83 9.6.4;Subjective measurement of impacts;84 9.7;Notes;85 9.8;References;86 9.9;Annex 5.A1. OECD Model Survey of ICT Use by Businesses;88 9.10;Notes;113 9.11;References;114 10;Chapter 6. ICT Demand by Households and Individuals;115 10.1;Introduction;116 10.2;OECD model survey of ICT access and use by households and individuals1;116 10.3;E-commerce;117 10.4;The social and economic impacts of ICT use by households and individuals;117 10.5;Notes;118 10.6;References;118 10.7;Annex 6.A1. OECD Model Survey of ICT Access and Use by Households and Individuals;119 10.8;References;141 11;Chapter 7. Content and Media;143 11.1;Introduction;144 11.2;The Content and media sector definition;145 11.3;The Content and media product classification;145 11.4;Digitised products;146 11.4.1;Modifications to the OECD model survey on ICT use by businesses;146 11.4.2;Modifications to the OECD model survey of ICT access and use by households and individuals;146 11.5;A sectoral study approach to measuring digital content;147 11.6;Notes;150 11.7;References;150 11.8;Annex 7.A1. OECD Definitions of the INFORMATION ECONOMY Sectors;151 11.9;Notes;166 11.10;References;167 12;Chapter 8. The International Scene and the Road Ahead;169 12.1;Introduction;170 12.2;The international scene;170 12.2.1;Context;170 12.2.2;Direct statistical mobilisation;172 12.2.3;Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development;173 12.2.4;OECDs role in the Partnership;174 12.3;Future challenges for the OECD;174 12.4;
Conclusion;175 12.5;References;176 12.6;Annex 8.A1. Member Countries ICT Statistics Collection Work;177 12.7;Annex 8.A2. Non-member Economies;178 12.8;References;192 12.9;Annex 8.A3. Measurement Issues for Developing Economies;193 12.9.1;Notes;205 12.9.2;References;206

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