Observing Government Elites

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November 2007



This book focuses on the everyday life of ministers and senior public servants in different countries, describing the world through their eyes. It explores how their beliefs, practices and traditions create meaning in politics and public policy making. It provides unique data on life of politicians and practical advice on how to conduct fieldwork.


Being There; R.A.W.Rhodes, P.'t Hart & M.Noordegraaf PART I: OBSERVING AT HOME The Everyday Life of a Minister: A Confessional and Impressionist Tale; R.A.W.Rhodes Spies at the Crossroads: Observing Change in the Dutch Intelligence Service; P.'t Hart Men at Work: How Public Policy Managers Cope; M.Noordegraaf Governing Karlstad: An Insider's Story; P.O.Norell PART II: OBSERVING ABROAD Dutch Eurocrats at Work: Getting Things in Done in Europe; K.Geuijen, P.'t Hart & K.Yesilkagit The EU's Nomads: National Eurocrats in European Policy Making; R.Thedvall European Integration in Anthropological Perspective: Studying the 'Culture' of the EU Civil Service; C.Shore So What? The prospects and Pitfalls of Being There; R.A.W.Rhodes, P.'t Hart & M.Noordegraaf


KARIN GEUIJEN Lecturer in Organizational Culture, Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University, The Netherlands P. O. NORRELL Associate Professor of Public Administration, Karlstad University, Sweden CRIS SHORE Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland, New Zealand RENITA THEDVALL Postdoctoral Researcher, Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research (SCORE), Stockholm University, Sweden KUTSAL YESILKAGIT Postdoctoral Researcher, Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
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