Nutrition in Infancy

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Nutrition in Infancy: Volume 2 is a very useful resource for all clinicians treating and preventing nutritional problems in infants.  This volume covers a wide range of topics that support wellness in infants through the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, malnutrition, and developmental and genetic abnormalities. A variety of chapters deal with nutrients for infants with disabilities, surgery, and other special needs.
The sections in this volume discuss GI Tract Considerations, Formulas, probiotics, hormones and lipids in the health and disease of infants, and the growth and development of infants. In Nutrition in Infancy: Volume 2, a wide range of nutritional and food related therapies to prevent or ameliorate disease, growth retardation and promote health are outlined. The latest developments in diagnostic procedures and nutritional support are also included. Written by a group of international experts, this volume is an indispensable new reference for clinicians with an interest in the nutrition and health of pregnant mothers and their infants.


SECTION A:  Nutrition and neonatal/infant disease
1. Growth and Body Composition in Children with Chronic Disease            Kelly A. DoughertyVirginia A. Stallings
2. Nutritional support in inborn errors of metabolismJuan J. Diaz  Marilyn Bernard  Lauren Furuta  Clifford Lo
3. Ketogenic Diet as treatment option for infants with intractable epileptic syndromeElles J.T.M. van der Louw Coriene E.Catsman-BerrevoetsDorine A.M van den HurkJoanne F. Olieman
4. Short Bowel Syndrome: Management and treatmentJoanne F. OliemanHanneke IJsselstijnBarbra A. de KoningDick Tibboel
5. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy             Patricia Davidson                Scott Nightingale 6. Nutritional support in Crohn's disease          Anthony E Wiskin R Mark Beattie
7. Nutritional requirements and support in liver diseaseDeirdre A KellySusan ProtheroeSara Clarke
8. Normal and aberrant  craniofacial development and nutrition in infants Anne O'Connell
9. Role of gangliosides in neurological development and the influence of dietary sourcesR Mendez-Otero P M Pimentel-Coelho  S Ukraintsev Paul McJarrow
10. Dietary methods to treat acute gastroenteritisSylvia del CastilloKristi Catton
11. Celiac disease in infants: Prevention and dietary treatmentMukadder Ayse Selimoglu
12. The Nutritional aspects of intestinal failure therapyJeffrey A. Rudolph
13. Hormone therapy to improve growth in infants with chronic kidney diseaseNatalia Mejía-Gaviria Flor Ángel Ordoñez  Fernando Santos
14. Nutrition of infants and HIVLars T. Fadnes Tanya Doherty Debra JacksonIngunn Marie S. Engebretsen Ameena Goga
15. Undernutrition and hearing impairmentBolajoko O. Olusanya
16. Nutritional management of diabetes mellitus in Infants and childrenRuth M. Ayling
17. Nutritional Considerations for Infants and Children during Critical Illness and SurgeryJoyce L. OwensSheila J. HansonJennifer McArthur
Section B.  GI tract Considerations
18. Parenteral nutrition in infants and children         Consuelo Pedrón-Giner Cecilia Martinez CostaJose Manuel Moreno Villares 
19. Home parenteral nutritionConsuelo Pedrón-GinerJose Manuel Moreno Villares
20. The role of colonic flora in infantsCarlos H. Lifschitz
21. Pro and prebiotics for the prevention and treatment of diseases in childhoodElisabeth Haschke-BecherFerdinand Haschke
22. Prebiotics and Probiotics on infant health and growthFlavia Indrio Giuseppe Riezzo
Section C.  Hormones and lipids: growth and development of infants
23. General area of lipid composition of diets to optimize growth and development of premature infants       Girish DeshpandeRajesh Maheshwari
24. Dietary management of hypercholesterolemia in infants and childrenCorina Hartman Raanan Shamir
25. Adipose tissue, its hormones and infant developmentMauro BozzolaCristina Meazza
26. Role of fatty acids in the neurological development of infants      Alan S. Ryan Elizabeth K. Entin James P. HoffmanConnye N. Kuratko Edward B. Nelson
27. Obesity in Infancy and Childhood: diagnosis, incidence and strategy for change             Ruth M. Ayling
28. Infant growth and adult obesity: relationship and factors affecting themUlla SovioEvangelia E NtzaniIoanna Tzoulaki
29. Maternal behaviour and infant weightJohn Worobey



Ronald Ross Watson, PhDArizona Health Science Center, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Publish Health, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA
George Grimble, PhDCentre for Gastroenterology and Nutrition, University College London, London, UK
Victor R. Preedy, PhD, BSc, DSc, FSB, FRSPH, FRCPath, FRSCDiabetes & Nutritional Sciences Division, School of Medicine, King's College London, London, UK
Sherma Zibaldi, MD, PhDDivision of Health Promotion Sciences, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Publish Health, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA

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