Nutrition for the Preterm Neonate

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Juni 2013



Survival of extremely premature neonates has improved significantly following the advances in neonatal intensive care. Extrauterine growth restriction is a serious issue in this population. Nutritional exposures during critical period of life influence the individual's risk of disease throughout life. Nutritional deficit and poor growth are associated with long term neurodevelopmental impairment, short stature and metabolic disorders in extremely preterm neonates. Optimising nutrition in the early postnatal life of the preterm neonate is therefore a priority. However this is easier said than done considering the frequency of feed intolerance, fear of necrotising enterocolitis, and the hesitancy in adopting an aggressive approach to parenteral nutrition in this population. Some of the finest researchers in the field have come together to provide the clinical perspective on the A to Z of nutrition in the preterm neonate in simple and clear fashion in this book.


Part I: Developmental physiology of the GIT and feed intolerance

1. Developmental physiology of the GIT and feed intolerance; Sanjay Patole
Part II: Enteral nutrition

2. Minimal enteral nutrition; Akhil Maheshwari3. Strategies for feed intolerance; Sanjay Patole4. Prevention and treatment of necrotising enterocolitis; Sanjay Patole5. Aggressive enteral nutrition; Sanjay Patole6. Osteopenia of prematurity; Suresh Birajdar, Mary Sharp7. Gastroesophageal reflux; Keith Barrington8. Breast milk additives, and infant formula; Jill Sheriff, Gemma McLeod9. Post discharge nutrition for high-risk preterm neonates; Gemma McLeod, Jill Sheriff
Part III: Parenteral nutrition

10. History, principles and practice of parenteral nutrition; Stan Dudrick11. Intravenous lipid emulsions; Girish Deshpande12. Amino acids; Hans Goudoever13. Aggressive parenteral nutrition; Karen Simmer
Part IV: Catch up growth / Developmental origin of adult diseases

14. Catch up growth / Developmental origin of adult diseases; Nic Embleton
Part V: Monitoring growth and development

15. Monitoring growth and development; A/Prof Rao
Part VI: Breast milk, breast feeding, and donor milk banks

16. Role of breast milk; Jacqueline Kent17. Breast feeding the preterm infant; Donna Geddes18. Donor human milk banking; Ben Hartmann
Part VII: Nutrition in specific conditions
19. Feeding the neonate with intrauterine growth restriction; Flavia Indrio20. Intestinal failure-Short bowel syndrome; Jatinder Bhatia21. Nutrition in chronic lung disease; Noa Ofek, Sanjay Patole



From the reviews:

'This is a collection of state-of-the-art reviews that fully covers many of the dilemmas of providing nutritional support for the frail population of premature neonates. ' it will be more useful to those in academic fields who can interpret the many studies it cites ' . This is a well done, comprehensive reference on issues in providing nutrition to preterm infants. ' anyone wishing to find the scientific evidence underlying many of the practices in premature nutrition will find this an invaluable resource.' (Jay P. Goldsmith, Doody's Book Reviews, January, 2014)

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