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Dezember 2008



Leonardo da Vinci was well aware of the fundamental importance of mathematics for architecture. This book examines Leonardo's knowledge of theoretical mathematics, explores how he used concepts of geometry in his designs for architectural projects, and reports on a real-life construction project using Leonardo's principles. Authors include Sylvie Duvernoy, Kim Williams, Rinus Roelofs, Biagio Di Carlo, Mark Reynolds, João Pedro Xavier, Vesna Petresin, Christopher Glass, and Jane Burry.


Sylvie Duvernoy. The 2003 Leonardo Construction Project.
Kim Williams. Transcription and Translation of F. 899v, Codex Atlanticus.
Rinus Roelofs. Two- and Three-Dimensional .-Constructions Based on Leonardo Grids.
Biagio Di Carlo. The Wooden Roofs of Leonardo and New Structural Research.
Sylvie Duvernoy. Leonardo and Theoretical Mathematics.
Mark Reynolds. The Octagon in Leonardo's Drawings.
João Pedro Xavier. Leonardo's Representational Technique for Centrally-Planned Temples.
Vesna Petresin. Perception of Order and Ambiguity in Leonardo's Design Concepts.
Christopher Glass. Leonardo's successors.
Rachel Fletcher. Dynamic Root Rectangles Part Two: Root-Two and Root-Three Rectangles; Design Applications.
Jane Burry. The Other Mathematical Bridge.
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