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Dezember 1998



`I would recommend the book to anyone with an interest in the family, whether their interest is in constructs of "old" family values and morals, or in the "new" alternatives, and (possibly from a political point of view), threatening family. It provides food for thought for members of all these groups' - Journal of Reproductive & Infant Psychology
`The essays explore the increasing diversity, both for the study of sociology and for the wider political agenda' - International Journal of Law and the Family
Concern and debate over changes to family life have increased in the last decade, as a result of evolving employment patterns, shifting gender relations and more openness about sexual orientation. Most politicians and researchers have viewed these changes as harmful, suggesting that the family as an institution should not alter.

The `New' Family? challenges these dominant views. Leading academics in the field consider current diverse practices in families, and reveal the lack of balance between policies based on how families should be and how they actually are, illustrating the need for a broader definition of family. This book shows the need to take fluidity and change in family arrangements seriously, rather than simply seeing change as dangerous and undesirable.


The `New' Practices and Politics of Family Life - Elizabeth B Silva and Carol Smart
Risk and Family Practices - David Morgan
Accounting for Change and Fluidity in Family Life
Resourcing the Family - Sarah Irwin
Gendered Claims and Obligations and Issues of Explanation
Transforming Housewifery - Elizabeth B Silva
Dispositions, Practices and Technologies
A Passion for `Sameness' - Gillian Dunne
Sexuality and Gender Accountability
Everyday Experiments - Jeffrey Weeks, Catherine Donovan and Brian Heaphy
Narratives of Non-Heterosexual Relationships
The `New' Parenthood - Carol Smart
Fathers and Mothers after Divorce
Generational Ties in the `New' Family - Joanna Bornat et al
Changing Contexts for Traditional Obligations
Brothers and Sisters, Uncles and Aunts - Mary Chamberlain
A Lateral Perspective on Caribbean Families
Reconsidering Children and Childhood - Julia Brannen
Sociological and Policy Perspectives

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