Nanotechnology in Dermatology

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Dezember 2012



Nanotechnology in Dermatology is the first book of its kind to address all of the important and rapidly growing aspects of nanotechnology as it relates to dermatology. In the last few years there has been an explosion in research and development for products and devices related to nanotechnology, including numerous applications for consumers, physicians, patients, and industry.  Applications are underway in medicine and dermatology for the early detection, diagnosis, and targeted therapy of disease, and nanodesigned materials and devices are expected to be faster, smaller, more powerful, more efficient, and more versatile than their traditional counterparts. 
Written by experts working in this exciting field, Nanotechnology in Dermatology specifically addresses nanotechnology in consumer skin care products, in the diagnosis of skin disease, in the treatment of skin disease, and the overall safety of nanotechnology. The book also discusses future trends of this ever-growing and changing field, providing dermatologists, pharmaceutical companies, and consumer cosmetics companies with a clear understanding of the advantages and challenges of nanotechnology today.


1.       Formulating with Nanotechnology in Skin Care Opportunities and Challenges
Julian P. Hewitt
2.       Nanotechnology in Photoprotection
Lucy L. Chen, Ian Tooley, and Steve Q. Wang
3.       Nanotechnology in Nail Care
Doug Schoon
4.       Nanoscience on Shampoo and Conditioner
Peter D. Kaplan
5.       Nanotechnology-Based Fabrics
Roger Ronghua Wang and Adnan Nasir
6.       Skin Penetration of Engineered Nanomaterials
Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere
7.       Perspectives on Percutaneous Penetration of Nanomaterials
Mai A. Ngo, Michael O'Malley, and Howard I. Maibach
8.       Enhancement of Topical Delivery with Nanocarriers
Zoe Diana Draelos
9.       Hair Follicle Targeting with Nanoparticles
Fiorenza Rancan, Zahra Afraz, Behazine Combadiere, Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, and Annika Vogt
10.    Nano-Based Gene Therapy for Dermatologic Diseases
David L. Chen, Dan Zheng, and Amy S. Paller
11.    Emerging Nanomedicine for Skin Cancer
Puiyan Lee, Adnan Nasir, and Kenneth K.Y. Wong
12.    Nanotechnology and the Diagnosis of Cutaneous Malignancies
Julie K. Kim, Adnan Nasir, and Kelly C. Nelson
13.    The Skin Immune System
Adnan Nasir and Anthony Gaspari
14.    Diagnosis and the Skin Immune System
Adnan Nasir and Anthony Gaspari
15.    Augmenting the Skin Immune System
Adnan Nasir and Anthony Gaspari
16.    Nanoparticle-Based Epidermal and Dermal Vaccination
Angèle Soria, Annika Vogt, Adnan Nasir, and Béhazine Combadière
17.    Suppressing the Skin Immune System
Adnan Nasir and Anthony Gaspari
18.    Nanotechnology in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases
Adam Friedman and Karin Blecher
19.    Nanotechnology for the Histologic Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: A Dermatopathologists Perspective
Dirk M. Elston
20.    Nanotechnology for the Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections
Fernando Sérgio Rodrigues Ribeiro Teles, Maria da Luz Martins, Maria Raquel Vieira, and Luís Joaquim Pina da Fonseca
21.    Application of Nanomedicine in Wound Healing
Xuelai Liu and Kenneth K.Y. Wong
22.    Nanotoxicology
Alison C. Lowe, Lindsey A. Hunter-Ellul, and Michael G. Wilkerson
23.    Toxicogenomic Evaluation of Nanomaterials
John M. Veranth, Sancy A. Leachman, and Philip J. Moos
24.    The Language of Nanotechnology and Its Role in Intellectual Property, Regulatory Settings, and Consumer Perception
Jeffrey K. Mills
25.    Understanding Public Opinion of Nanotechnology
Andrew R. Binder



Adnan Nasir, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
UNC School of Medicine
3100 Thurston Bowles Bldg
Chapel Hill, NC 27554
Adam Friedman, MD, FAAD, Assistant Professor of DermatologyAssistant Professor of Physiology and BiophysicsDirector of Dermatologic ResearchAssociate Residency Program DirectorDivision of DermatologyDepartment of MedicineAlbert Einstein College of Medicine111 E 210th StreetBronx, NY 10467
Steven Q. Wang, MD,
Dermatology Service
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
160 E 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022


From the reviews:

'Nanotechnology in Dermatology is the first book ever published dealing with the emerging trends in the application of nanotechnology to the scientific study of skin, and the clinical translation of this knowledge to diagnose and treat skin disease. ' A clear plus of this book is the shear diversity of topics covered that will appeal to and inform all stakeholders, including academic scientists and students, industrial research and development personnel, clinicians, regulatory agents and, most of all, the public.' (Lisa A. De Louise, Nanomedicine,, Vol. 8 (7), July, 2013)

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