Nanoplasmonic Sensors

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Juli 2012



This book is a compendium of the finest research in nanoplasmonic sensing done around the world in the last decade. It describes basic theoretical considerations of nanoplasmons in the dielectric environment, gives examples of the multitude of applications of nanoplasmonics in biomedical and chemical sensing, and provides an overview of future trends in optical and non-optical nanoplasmonic sensing. Specifically, readers are guided through both the fundamentals and the latest research in the two major fields nanoplasmonic sensing is applied to - bio- and chemo-sensing - then given the state-of-the-art recipes used in nanoplasmonic sensing research.


An introduction to plasmonic refractive index sensing.
Exploring the unique characteristics of LSPR biosensing.
Nanoplasmonic sensing combined with artificial cell membranes.
Dual functions of nanoplasmonic optical antennae: Nanoplasmonic gene switches and biosensors.
Individual plasmonic nanostructures as label free biosensors.
Plasmon biophotonic arrays for multi-analyte biosensing in complex media.
Laser manipulation of plasmonic nanoparticles for SERS and sensing.
Nanoplasmonic sensing for nanomaterials science, catalysis and optical gas detection.
Functional nanoimprinted plasmonic crystals for chemical sensing and imaging.
Performance of nanoplasmonic biosensors.
Engineering through mode shaping and lithographical nanofabrication of ultrasensitive nano-plasmonic sensors for molecular detection.
Nanoplasmonic structures in optical fibers.
Figures of merit for refractometric LSPR biosensing.
Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) transducers based on random evaporated gold island films: Properties and sensing applications.
Nano-scale electrical transducers of surface plasmons for integrated biosensing.
Future Directions: Nanoplasmonic sensing tomorrow.


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