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The Mollusca, Volume 1: Metabolic Biochemistry and Molecular Biomechanics provides information pertinent to the advances in the traditional areas of biochemistry and in other developed areas that have become a part of molluskan biochemistry. This book discusses the developments in the various aspects of molecular biomechanics and environmental biochemistry.

Organized into 11 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the phylum Mollusca. This text then provides information about the general features of the main classes and their evolution, the anatomical organization of mollusks, and a classification of the primary taxonomic groups of mollusks. Other chapters consider the functional mechanical properties of two protein rubbers found in molluskan connective tissues. This book discusses as well the mechanical properties of molluskan mucins. The final chapter deals with the significance of quinone tanning in mollusks.

This book is a valuable resource for researchers of the Mollusca and other phyla, as well as to teachers and qualified graduate students. Biochemists and physiologists will also find this book useful.
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