Molecular Determinants of Radiation Response

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Molecular Determinants of Radiation Response includes chapters by expert authors who detail the present understanding of key DNA damage response pathways and proteins. The chapters include comprehensive discussions on where and how specific alterations in function of these pathways and proteins result in substantive modifications of cellular response to DNA injury. Given the importance of therapies that induce DNA injury in the management of human disease, this book is timely and relevant for basic and translational researchers, as well as clinicians alike.


Molecular Determinants of Radiation Response
Editors:  Theodore L. DeWeese, M.D. and Marikki Laiho, M.D., Ph.D.
Molecular Basis of the DNA Damage Responses
1)       H2AX in DNA Damage Response                                                                                                     
Christophe E. Redon, Jennifer S. Dickey, Asako J. Nakamura, Olga A. Sedelnikova, and William M. Bonner
2)       DNA Damage Signaling Downstream of ATM                                                                                    
          Fred Bunz
3)       Checkpoint Control Following Radiation Exposure                                                                                
          Markus Lobrich, Aaron A. Goodarzi, Tom Stiff and Penny A. Jeggo
4)       Chromatin Responses to DNA Damage                                                                                              
          Xuetong Shen and Karina Falbo
5)       C. elegans and Radiation Responses                                                                                                  
          Aymeric Bailly and Anton Gartner
Modulation of Radiation Responses - Opportunities for Therapeutic Exploitation
6)       Hypoxia and Modulation of Cellular Radiation Response                                                                       
          Ester M. Hammond, Monica Olcina and Amato J. Giaccia
7)       Inhibitors of DNA Repair and Response to Ionising Radiation                                                               
          Barbara Vischioni, Nils H. Nicolay, Ricky A. Sharma and Thomas Helleday
8)       Gene Therapy and Radiation                                                                                                               
          Svend O. Freytag, Kenneth N. Barton, Farzan Siddiqui, Mohamed Elshaikh,
Hans Stricker and Benjamin Movsas
9)       Molecular Targeted Drug Delivery Radiotherapy
          Eugenia M. Yazlovitskaya and Dennis E. Hallahan
10)     EGFR Signaling and Radiation                                                                                                            
          Emily F. Dunn, Shyhmin Huang, and Paul M. Harari
11)     Thermal Modulation of Radiation-Induced DNA Damage Response                                                     
          Joseph L. Roti Roti, Robert P. VanderWaal and Andrei Laszlo
12)     Radiation-induced Immune Modulation                                                                                                
          Charles Drake


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