Models, Planning and Basic Needs

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Oktober 2013



Models, Planning, and Basic Needs focuses on the use of models in integrated planning, policy analysis, determination of basic needs, and economics.

The selection first offers information on the Latin American world model as a tool of analysis and integrated planning at a national and regional level in developing countries, including planning and the tools of planning and the Latin American model and integrated planning. The text also looks at the social indicators and the basic-needs approach and internal regional and distributional aspects of global models.

The text elaborates on the adaptation of the Bariloche model to a national scenario and the BACHUE-Philippines model. Topics include calibration of the Bariloche model for Brazil, economic sub-model, policy analyses, and egalitarian strategy. The publication also focuses on a model of the relation between technology and North-South income distribution and development planning and dependence. The design of models, determination of basic needs, and inclusion of social and political factors into models are also discussed.

The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in the use of models in planning, economics, policy analysis, and technology.

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