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Men's Health is a concise, didactic compendium that covers three important aspects of male sexual health:- Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome; Premature Ejaculation and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).The chapters that deal with Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome cover the epidemiology of the condition in the local context, the science behind the condition, its clinical presentation and treatment choices.The section on Premature Ejaculation advises the health practitioner on how to investigate this condition and describes the various treatment options available to the patient.The chapters on Sexually Transmitted Infections cover special aspects of  the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of STIs occurring in Men which are not normally highlighted in the usual texts on STI management.Written by experts in the field, Men's Health is a valuable and timely resource for urologists, andrologists, endocrinologists as well as other health professionals practicing in these areas.


¿ Preface.- Introduction.-
Part 1: Hypogonadism.- Epidemiology: Late Onset Hypogonadism - Singapore.- Pathophysiology of Late Onset Hypogonadism, Risks and Benefits of Replacement Therapy.- Testosterone Assays and their Potential Pitfalls.- Diagnosing and Evaluating Androgen Defi ciency, Including Andropause.- Testosterone Preparations for Treatment of Hypogonadal Men.- Androgens, Use, Misuse and Abuse.- Testosterone Therapy, Prostate Safety and Other Safety Issues.- The Role of Testosterone in the Metabolic Syndrome in Men.- The Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction (or Sexual Function) Connection.- Treating Hypogonadism Associated with Erectile Dysfunction.- Traditional Asian Herbs - Potential Use for Late Onset Hypogonadism?.- Effects of Excessive Androgen Use and Abuse.- Practical Pointers for the Practitioner.- Collection Charts/Questionnaires/ Testosterone Calculators/Other Aide Memoirs etc for the General Practitioner.
Part 2: Premature Ejaculation.- Introduction.- Etiology of Premature Ejaculation.- Initial Workup and Use of Assessment Tools.- Initial Management of the Newly Diagnosed PE Patient.- Premature Ejaculation - Simple Behavioral Therapy Steps.- Choice of Pharmacologic Agents.- Treatment of the Difficult Case and Advanced Counseling Techniques and When to Refer.- Management of the Infertile Couple When the Male Partner has Ejaculatory Dysfunction.- Delayed Ejaculation.- Collection of Bedside Aids for Diagnosis and Tools for Assessment of Treatment to Goal.- Frequently Asked Questions on Dapoxetine (FAQ'S).
Part 3: STIs.- Overview.- HIV/AIDS.- Breaking the News and Counselling.- Prostatitis in Men.- STIs, Depression and Sexual Dysfunction.- Guidelines-Making the Diagnosis & Managing the Partner.



Professor Peter Lim Huat Chye MB,BS, MMed(Surg), M.Inst.Urol(Lon) FAMS, D.Urol(Lon), FICS Urologist, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore Visiting Consultant, Department of Urology, Changi General Hospital, Singapore Adjunct Professor (Men's Health), Edith Cowan University, Australia Honorary Professor in Urology and Andrology, H.T. Naval Medical School, Indonesia
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