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Dezember 2014



This book gathers papers presented at the Logistik-Management-Konferenz 2013, which was organized by the VHB Wissenschaftliche Kommission Logistik and held in Bremen, Germany. The papers reflect the current state-of-the-art in logistics and supply chain management, focusing on environmental sustainability in logistics and supply chain network dynamics and control. The target audience primarily consists of researchers and practitioners in the field, but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.


Why is the transport and logistics sector lacking environmental performance? Lessons from the sectors of production of building materials and wholesaling.
Internal enablers for the implementation of sustainable supply chain risk management systems.
Evaluation of green transport modes for containerized cargo.
Evaluation of CO2 abatement measures for (bio-) fuel production.
Carbon Efficiency of Humanitarian Supply Chains: Evidence from French Red Cross operations.
Return management for remanufacturing A review of quantitative models in Reverse Logistics and their assumptions regarding product returns.
A manufacturer-retailer supply chain with fuzzy consumer demand.
Future transport volume and demographic change - An intermodal GAMS approach.


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