Lichen Secondary Metabolites

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Dezember 2014



The present book discusses in detail the nature and bioactive properties of lichen secondary metabolites. Their therapeutic potential ranges from antibiotic to antioxidant and from anticarcinogenic to antiviral activity. It further discusses their use in traditional medicine and highlights possible future directions in the study of their pharmaceutical potential.


Lichens as a potential source of bioactive secondary metabolites.
Lichens used in traditional medicine.
Lichen secondary metabolites as potential antibiotic agents.
Studies on antioxidant properties of lichen secondary metabolites.
Investigations of lichen secondary metabolites with potential anticancer activity.
Antigenotoxic effect of some lichen metabolites.
Lichen secondary metabolites as possible antiviral agents.
Future directions in the study of pharmaceutical potential of lichens.



'This will be an extraordinarily valuable guide to possible lines of exploration and experimentation, but also a source of material to embellish lectures and field courses. ' the editor is to be congratulated in realising a clear vision and providing a work that will be of great value not only to lichenologists, but also to all those involved in all aspects of drug discovery.' (IMA Fungus, Vol. 6 (1), June, 2015)

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