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In the tradition of this well established text, the fifth edition is enlarged and updated to cover recent developments in the field of animal nursing. In the four years since the previous edition was published the position of the Veterinary Nurse has become professionally recognized and a new syllabus for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons nursing scheme has been established. This has helped define the depth of knowledge required of trainee nurses in their preparation for examinations. In the light of the new syllabus there is a new chapter on Radiography, the chapters on First Aid, Basic Nursing Care, The Practice of Nursing and Surgical Nursing have been extensively revised, and the chapter on Medical Nursing has been lengthened. The contributions, from 27 experts in the field, are highly illustrated and suggestions for further reading are provided at the end of each chapter.


1;Front Cover;1 2;Jones's Animal Nursing;4 3;Copyright Page;5 4;Table of Contents;8 5;Preface to the Fifth Edition;6 6;Preface to the Fourth Edition;7 7;LIST OF AUTHORS;10 8;CHAPTER 1. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGYI;12 9;CHAPTER 2. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGYII;74 10;CHAPTER 3. MANAGEMENT, HYGIENE AND FEEDING;156 10.1;(a) Restraint and handling of dogs and cats;156 10.2;(b) Restraint of smaller pets;168 10.3;(c) Smaller laboratory animals;175 10.4;(d) Cage birds;181 10.5;(e) Management and hygiene of kennels and catteries;192 10.6;(f) Antiseptics and disinfectants;210 10.7;(g) Nutrition and feeding;220 10.8;(h) Genetics and animal breeding;245 11;CHAPTER 4. FIRST AID;254 12;CHAPTER 5. BASIC NURSING CARE;324 12.1;(a) Practice organization;324 12.2;(b) Legal aspects;330 12.3;(c) Observation and care of patients;332 12.4;(d) Pharmacy and dispensing;362 13;CHAPTER 6. THE PRACTICE OF NURSING;390 13.1;(a) Catheterization;390 13.2;(b) Geriatric nursing;403 13.3;(c) Fluid therapy;409 13.4;(d) Shock;427 13.5;(e) Care of the In-patient;430 14;CHAPTER 7. DIAGNOSTIC AIDS AND LABORATORY TESTS;436 15;CHAPTER 8. MEDICAL NURSING;482 15.1;(a) Infections and medical diseases;482 15.2;(b) Poisonings;541 15.3;(c) Elementary bacteriology;550 15.4;(d) Elementary parasitology;571 15.5;(e) Prevention of spread of infection;600 15.6;(f) Disease control by vaccination;614 16;CHAPTER 9. RADIOGRAPHY;626 17;CHAPTER 10. SURGICAL NURSING;686 17.1;(a) General surgical nursing;686 17.2;(b) Fractures and dislocations;693 17.3;(c) Common surgical diseases;702 17.4;(d) Tumours;720 17.5;(e) Anaesthesia in the Dog and Cat;725 17.6;(j) Theatre nursing;745 17.7;(g) Post-operative care;761 18;CHAPTER 11. OBSTETRICAL AND PAEDIATRIC NURSING;772 19;GLOSSARY;802 20;COMMON PREFIXES, SUFFIXES AND OTHER DESCRIPTIVE TERMS;808 21;AUTHOR INDEX;812 22;SUBJECT INDEX;814


Rita Hinton
It is an essential textbook for trainee veterinary nurses and a valuable reference book for qualified nurses.
Outlook on Agriculture Volume 21 No 4
This excellent publication replaces the 5th edition of 'Jones's Animal excellent teaching source for student nurses, while also providing more advanced information for other members of the veterinary team... All diagrams and photographs are of an imipressive clarity and quality... The whole book gives concise information and the straightforward writing style makes reading it a pleasure... this is a well constructed, balanced text that will benefit student nurses greatly...should certinaly be read from cover to cover by all veterinary students and surgeons. Not even the price can provide an excuse not to buy a copy - at #39 for the two books it's a bargain.
The Veterinary Record
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