ISSE/SECURE 2007 Securing Electronic Business Processes

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Dezember 2007



This book presents the most interesting talks given at ISSE/SECURE 2007 - the forum for the interdisciplinary discussion of how to adequately secure electronic business processes. The topics include: Identity Management, Information Security Management - PKI-Solutions, Economics of IT-Security - Smart Tokens, eID Cards, Infrastructure Solutions - Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, Data Protection, Legal Aspects.Adequate information security is one of the basic requirements of all electronic business processes. It is crucial for effective solutions that the possibilities offered by security technology can be integrated with the commercial requirements of the applications. The reader may expect state-of-the-art: best papers of the Conference ISSE/SECURE 2007.


- Legal, Technical and Social Aspects of Security
- Identity, Information Security and Rights Management
- Smart Tokens, eID Cards, Infrastructure Solutions and Interoperability
- Economics of Security and PKI Applications



Prof. Dr. Norbert Pohlmann is Professor for System and Information Security at the University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Prof. Dr. Helmut Reimer is Senior Partner, TeleTrusT, Germany.
Dipl.-Math. Wolfgang Schneider is Deputy Institute Director, Fraunhofer Institute SIT, Germany.


Infrastructure for Identification and Identity Documents (S. 405-406)

Walter Landvogt
Bundesdruckerei GmbH
Systems House Solution Development Abstract
The introduction of the new German biometric passport on 1st - quirements for the technical systems at the local passport authorities and the computing departments of the city administration. The capturing of biometric information and the process of assuring the usability of biometric data for the biometric information to the central production facilities of Bundesdruckerei. The identity document application process and the common level of security for the technical environment. However, the local administration bears responsibility for the concrete organization of the process and the kind and type of technical system.

1 Passport  ,officies Germany

From a total of 12.400 communities in Germany about 5.300 provide local administration services which run necessary local infrastructural tasks and services for the citizens. Smaller communities in the the administration of the registration data and the enrolment and issuing of passports and identity documents. The two services a closely related, since they are typically based on a single software system that manages the registration database as well as the passport and identity document database. To provide a documents may be applied for and will be delivered to the applicant.

As the local administrations have to bear the cost of purchasing and maintenance for the technical equipment they make their own decision for a software product for registration and passport purposes and for wide range of different requirements concerning the performance of the software for registration and passport enrolment have led to a wide variety of systems and architectures in use.

2 The Application Process

Passports and identity documents are being manufactured at the central high security production facili- application records to the production server. Whereas in the past the passport data records had been mailed on paper formulas to Bundesdruckerei with the introduction of the biometric passport a change has taken place. Nowadays the electronic application process has become standard since the software systems being used at the local authorities have integrated standard software modules for the necessary digitalisation process for portrait photo and the applicants signature. By 1st of November 2007 the - gerprints and the digital acquisition of the based way to deliver the biometric information to the passport production.

2.1 Registration ,and Passport Application Software and Biometric Modules

Since the introduction of the new passport the software products were adapted to the new demands. At states each software product had a regional focus. Even more, administration software often had been developed an operated by computing centres, which were part of the state administration and designed business processes to the needs of their regional customers. Thus infrastructures can be found, where the the registration application.

On the other hand personnel computer based registration applications were The passport and identity document application process is above the registration data. For the application process a record set from the registration database is being taken and enriched by passport or - tration software the mandatory digital application process and the acquisition of the increase the requirement to handle multimedia data formats: video streams are transmitted from the multimedia data was not very common for administration software and the software systems and databases were not prepared for managing it.
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