Ion Exchange Technology I

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Juni 2012



Ion-exchange Technology I: Theory and Materials describes the theoretical principles of ion-exchange processes.
More specifically, this volume focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and modelling of ion-exchange materials and their associated kinetics and equilibria.
This title is a highly valuable source not only to postgraduate students and researchers but also to industrial R&D specialists in chemistry, chemical, and biochemical technology as well as to engineers and industrialists.


Introduction to Ion-Exchange Processes.
Principles of Ion exchange Equilibria.
Ion exchange Equilibria and Kinetics.
Fundamentals of Ion Exchange Fixed Bed Operations.
Principles of Ion exchange Membrane Electrodialysis for Saline Water Desalination.
Structure, Synthesis and General Properties of Ion-exchangers.
Ion-Exchange Membranes: Preparation, Properties and Applications.
Synthetic Inorganic Ion-Exchange Materials.
Fibrous Ion Exchangers.
Chelating Ion Exchangers: Theory and Applications.
Ion-exchange Voltammetry.
Sulfonated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) (SPEEK): A Promising Membrane Material for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell.
Preparation and Use of Organic-inorganic Hybrid Ion-exchangers in Catalysis.
Ion Exchange to Fabrication of Waveguides for Optical Telecommunication.
Network Simulation of the Electrical Response of Ion-Exchange Membrane Systems.
Computer Modeling of Strong Acid Cation Exchangers on Styrene - Divinylbenzene Matrix.

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