Information Technology Essentials for Behavioral Health Clinicians

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November 2010



The purpose of this book is to be the premier resource for behavioural health clinicians who are considering adopting technology into their practice. Written by experts and policy makers in the field this book will be recognized as the gold standard. Other books currently in this field are extremely technical and are geared primarily to policy makers, researchers and informaticians. While this book will be a useful adjunct to that audience, it is primarily designed for the over .5 million behavioural health clinicians in the U.S. and the millions others around the world. Adoption of technology is slow in behavioural healthcare, and this book will enhance the adoption and utilization of various technologies in practice. I.T. vendors may also purchase this book for their customers.


Front Matter.- Preface.- Forward.-
Section 1: Overview.- Section Introduction.-
Chapter 1. The Promise of Health Information Technology in Behavioral Health and Informatics: An Overview.-
Chapter 2. Current Technologies for Behavioral Healthcare Clinical Practice.-
Chapter 3. Ethics and Privacy of Technology and the Behavioral Health Professions.-
Section 2. Clinical Practice Issues.-
Chapter 4. Knowledge Delivery and Decision Support for Behavioral Healthcare Professionals.-
Chapter 5. Insights on Telemedicine and Virtual Reality.-
Chapter 6. Managing Care in a Pervasive Computing Environment.-
Chapter 7. Improving Quality and Accountability through Information Systems.-
Section 3. Patient and Client Centric Technologies Section.-
Chapter 8. Social Networking, Health 2.0, and Beyond.-
Chapter 9. Computerized Therapy.-
Section 4. Organizational Issues.-
Chapter 10. Leading Change in Implementing Technology.-
Chapter 11. Evaluating the Impact of Behavioral Health Care Informatics.-
Chapter 12. How Behavioral Health Care Informatics Systems Can Interface with Medical Care Systems.



From the reviews:

'Book efficiently covers the implications of information technology and development for behavioral health providers. ' book as essential reading for students and faculty in departments of psychiatry, psychology, social work, other human service disciplines, as well as informatics departments. ' Covering the area of information technology and how it relates to behavioral health is a daunting task, but the book efficiently covers this field ' . The authors are able to explain very technical subjects to readers who have a very basic understanding of technology.' (Aaron Plattner, Doody's Review Service, April, 2011)

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