Hormonal Control of Cell Cycle

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November 2007



The topics range from fundamental studies of DNA replication, chromosomal and nuclear function through growth factor control of endocrine tumor initiation and progression. The basic and translational insights gained from this book will be of interest to those studying the biology of endocrine tumors, as well as those deriving novel therapeutic approaches for these benign and malignant disorders.


Marcel Méchali: DNA replication origins, development, and cancer.
Jonathon Pines:Getting in and out of mitosis.
Michael J. Powell, Vladimir M. Popov, Chenguang Wang, Richard G. Pestell:Nuclear receptors and cyclins in hormone signaling.
Yan Geng, Youngmi Lee, Markus Welcker, Jherek Swanger, Agnieszka Zagozdzon, James M. Roberts, Philipp Kaldis, Bruce E. Clurman, Piotr Sicinski:A novel function for cyclin E in cell cycle.
David R. Clemmons:IGF-I and the Regulation of Cell Cycle Progression in Smooth Muscle Cells.
Jonathan J. Li and Sara Antonia Li: Deciphering the conundrum of estrogen-driven breast cancer: Aurora kinase deregulation.
Karen E. Knudsen, Clay E.S. Comstock, Nicholas A. Olshavsky and Ankur Sharma: Androgen-mediated Control of the Cyclin D1-RB Axis: Implications for Prostate Cancer.
Vera Chesnokova, Run Yu, Anat Ben-Shlomo and Shlomo Melmed:Pitutary trophic status as a tumorigenic determinant.
Joyce Slingerland: p27 regulation by estrogen and Src signaling in human breast cancer.
Henri Rochefort:The synergy of two ovarian hormones-induced enzymes in human mammary carcinogenesis.
Hannah Harrison, Rebecca Lamb and Robert B Clarke:Steroid Receptors, Stem Cells and Proliferation in the Human Breast.
Robert L. Sutherland, C. Marcelo Sergio, Catriona M. McNeil, Luke R. Anderson, Claire K. Inman, Alison J. Butt and Elizabeth A. Musgrove: Estrogens, cell proliferation and breast cancer .
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