The History and Philosophy of Polish Logic

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Januar 2016



The book presents the state of the art of research into the legacy of interwar Polish analytic philosophy and exemplifies different approaches to the history of philosophy. It contains discussions and reconstructions of aspects of Polish philosophy and logic as well as reactions to and developments of this tradition.


Series Editor's Foreword Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: The History and Philosophy of Polish Logic: Some Basic Thoughts; K.Mulligan, K.Kijania-Placek and T.Placek PART I: LOGIC, PROOF AND MODELS Many Valued Logic in Poland: the Golden Age; A.S.Karpenko Dependence and Independence of Quantifiers: Truth, Proof and Choice Functions; G. Sandu Sixty Years of Stable Models; D. Pearce Wooden Horses and False Friends. On the Logic of Adjectives; M. van der Schaar Proof, Probability or Plausibility; J. Agassi PART II: TRUTH AND CONCEPTS Truth Defined and Undefined; J. Hintikka Against Relative Truth; I. Niniluoto Truth without Truths? Propositional Attitudes without Propositions? Meaning without Meanings?; W. Künne Formal Concepts; K. Mulligan PART III: ONTOLOGY, MEREOLOGY AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF MATHEMATICS Arithmetic in Le?niewski's Ontology; P. Simons Le?niewski, Tarski and the Axioms of Mereology; A. Betti, From Mereology to Boolean Algebra: The Role of Regular Open Sets in Alfred Tarski's Work; I. Loeb Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic in Cracow Between the Wars; R. Murawski A Selection of Jan Wole?ski's Publications Index of Names Index


Joseph Agassi, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and York University, Toronto, Canada
Arianna Betti, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jaakko Hintikka, Boston University, USA
Alexander Karpenko, Moscow State University, Russia

Wolfgang Künne, University of Hamburg, Germany
Iris Loeb, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Roman Murawski, Pozna? University, Poland
Ilkka Niiniluoto, University of Helsinki, Finland

David Pearce, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Gabriel Sandu, University of Helsinki, Finland
Maria van der Schaar, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Peter Simons, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
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