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Oktober 2007



Herbal Products: Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology, Second Edition builds upon the informative foundation laid by its predecessor. This fully revised and expanded second edition boasts over 200 new references that document efficacy studies and adverse effects and four new chapters devoted to dietary products. Practitioners and researchers will find that this volume is a comprehensive resource for objective clinical information about the potential uses, efficacy, and safety of herbal medicines. The authors recognize that the majority of available information on dietary supplements is typically provided by distributors and designed to sell a product rather than objectively inform consumers; therefore, the emphasis throughout is on information not readily available from any other source. Similar to the first edition, this volume is based on original studies published in peer-reviewed journals, as well as meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and other high-quality assessments by recognized experts. TOC:Ma Huang.- Kava.- Ginkgo biloba.- Valerian.- St. John's Wort.- Echinacea.- Feverfew.- Garlic.- Ginger.- Saw Palmetto.- Panax Ginseng.- Cranberry.- Hawthorn.- Evening Primrose.- Citrus aurantium.- Vitex agnus-castus.- Billberry.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Ma Huang
Steven B. Karch

Chapter 2: Kava
Douglas D. Glover

Chapter 3: Ginkgo biloba
Timothy S. Tracy

Chapter 4: Valerian
Brian J. Isetts

Chapter 5: St. John's Wort
Dean Filandrinos

Chapter 6: Echinacea
Daniel Berkner and Leo Sioris

Chapter 7: Feverfew
Rick Kingston

Chapter 8: Garlic
Leslie Helou and Ila M. Harris

Chapter 9: Ginger
Douglas D, Glover

Chapter 10: Saw Palmetto
Timothy S. Tracy

Chapter 11: Panax Ginseng
Timothy S, Tracy

Chapter 12: Cranberry
Timothy S Tracy

Chapter 13: Hawthorn
Timothy S. Tracy

Chapter 14: Evening Primrose
Margaret Artz

Chapter 15: Citrus aurantium
Anders Westanmo

Chapter 16: Vitex agnus-castus
Margaret Artz

Chapter 17: Billberry
Timothy S. Tracy



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From the reviews of the second edition:

"...a useful addition for individuals interested in the scientific basis of herbal preparations." -Doody's Book Review, Weighted Numerical Score:82 - 3 Stars

"This book offers technical, detailed information on the clinical uses, efficacy, science, and projected safety of 17 of the most popular medicinal herbs, as well as of products that contain them. ' It is also a very useful compilation of things that have'or may have'gone wrong while taking herbs. If you want to rally either for or against the potential toxicity of herbs from a science perspective, this is your resource." (Melanie Cupp, American Herb Association Quarterly Newsletter, Vol. 23 (1), April, 2008)

"This book consists of monographs summarizing the latest scientific findings about the toxicology and clinical pharmacology of 17 widely used herbs ' . The book's intended audience includes forensic professionals and `researchers and clinicians interested in more context-oriented clinical information than is available in most `herbal' references.' Chapter contents are based on original studies published in peer-reviewed journals, and written at a level for physicians, pharmacists, toxicologists, graduate students, and chemists. ' Summing Up: Recommended. All health science libraries; graduate students through professionals/practitioners." (N. Kupferberg, CHOICE, Vol. 45 (3), 2007)

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