Handbook of Medical and Healthcare Technologies

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November 2013



This book equips readers to understand a complex range of healthcare products that are used to diagnose, monitor, and treat diseases or medical conditions affecting humans. The first part of the book presents medical technologies such as medical information retrieval, tissue engineering techniques, 3D medical imaging, nanotechnology innovations in medicine, medical wireless sensor networks, and knowledge mining techniques in medicine. The second half of the book focuses on healthcare technologies including prediction hospital readmission risk, modeling e-health framework, personal Web in healthcare, security issues for medical records, and personalized services in healthcare. The contributors are leading world researchers who share their innovations, making this handbook the definitive resource on these topics. Handbook of Medical and Healthcare Technologies is intended for a wide audience including academicians, designers, developers, researchers and advanced-level students. It is also valuable for business managers, entrepreneurs, and investors within the medical and healthcare industries.  


Mobile Medical and Healthcare Applications.
Medical Information Retrieval Enhanced with User's Query Expanded with Tag-Neighbors.
Medical Technology Breakthroughs in Tissue Engineering.
Innovations in #D Interventional X-ray Imaging.
Automated Classification of Echo-Cardiography Images Using Texture Analysis Methods.
Innovative Soft Computing Methodologies for Evaluating the Risk Factors of Atherosclerosis.
Nanotechnology and Its Applications in Medicine.
Anomaly Detection Scheme for Medical Wireless Sensor Networks.
Predicting the Outcome of Antihypertensive Therapy Using Knowledge Mining.
Cloud Computing Approach to Novel Medical Interface Design.
Tissue Engineering Triangle and Its Development.
Predicting Hospital Readmission Risk for COPD Using EHR Information.
Modeling an e-Health Framework Toward Personalized and Context-Aware Multimedia Services.
Personal Web in Healthcare.
Secure Mobile Framework for Monitoring Medical Sensor Data.
Virtual Doctor: A WBAN-Based Architecture for Health Care Service.
Security of Electronic Medical Records.
Towards Personalized Services in the Healthcare Domain.
Sensor Infrastructure for Ambient Assisted Living.
Improving Safety in Medical Devices from Concept to Retirement.
Wearable and Implantable Technologies for Cardiovascular Health Informatics.
Integration of Various Health Record Systems.


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