Global Supply Chain Security

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Dezember 2014



This volume presents new theoretical insights, practical strategies, and policy initiatives in the rapidly evolving field of global supply chain security. As businesses, governments, and society at large have become increasingly dependent on a global network to provide goods and services, protecting global supply chains has become an issue of vital importance for industries, nations, and regions. The "supply chain" encompasses all the links connecting a manufacturer to end users of its products. Links may take the form of plants, supplier warehouses, vendor facilities, ports or hubs, retail warehouses or facilities, and outbound shipping centers. Links also involve all the ways goods are moved-by truck, ship, airplane, or rail car.

A great deal can go wrong in the supply chain due to company or systemic mismanagement and inefficiency, criminal activity, employee or technology errors, or terrorism, to name just a few of the threats. Then there are government regulation, industry or association oversight, and security agencies (both public and private) keeping track. Globalization, stricter security regimes, and increasingly sophisticated criminal activity have made cross-border cargo movements more complex, putting the integrity of end-to-end supply chains at much greater risk. This is why the security of the supply chain has become such an important issue for business people: there is too much at stake to let problems proliferate or stagnate. It has been estimated, for example, that thieves now steal $50 billion in goods each year from various points along the supply chain.

Synthesizing the most current research, practical application, and policy, Global Supply Chain Security covers a range of emerging topics¿from risk assessment to technology deployment to continuity planning¿and will serve as a useful resource for anyone concerned with supply chain security issues, including scholars, students, business executives and policymakers.


The Context of Global Supply Chain Security.
Maritime Piracy and the Supply Chain.
Political Risk to the Supply Chain.
Corporate Security: A Supply Chain Program.
An Examination of Global Supply Chain Security through the Lens of Grid and Group Theory.
Aviation Security and Organizational Behavior.
An Evaluation of Capacity and Inventory Buffers as Mitigation for Catastrophic Supply Chain.
Closing the Last 1/2 mile of Emergency Response.
Breach with Intent: A Risk Analysis of Deliberate Security Breaches in the Seafood Supply Chain.
The Role of Suez Canal Development in Logistics Chain.
Planned and Emergent Strategy.


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