Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction and Assessment, 6-12

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Februar 2015



Prepare future educators to strengthen the literacy skills of students in Grades 6-12 with this introductory reading textbook, based on the latest research, the Common Core State Standards, and recommended instructional practices. The perfect first text on adolescent literacy, this expertly organized volume covers all the fundamentals of how reading and writing skills develop in older students and how to teach literacy within key academic content areas: language arts, math, science, and history. More than 20 of today's top authorities give educators the solid, practical background knowledge they'll need for the rest of their careers, as they shape the next generation of confident readers and writers.PREPARE FUTURE EDUCATORS TO* teach the fundamental components of literacy, with special emphasis on fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension* address the Common Core State Standards* prepare students for college and career by teaching literacy in content areas* differentiate instruction for struggling students and English language learners* implement the highly effective RTI model and other multi-tiered systems of support* apply evidence-based instructional strategies in the classroom* use current legislation to inform classroom instructionSTUDENT-FRIENDLY FEATURES: Practical sample lesson plans for use in tutoring and student teaching, classroom examples illustrating recommended practices, helpful chapter objectives and summaries, in-class exercises and homework assignments, an appendix of formative assessment strategies.

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