From Grids to Service and Pervasive Computing

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Juli 2008



Grids are a crucial enabling technology for scientific and industrial development. Peer-to-peer computing, grid, distributed storage technologies, emerging web service technologies, and other types of networked distributed computing have provided new paradigms exploiting distributed resources. Grids are revolutionizing computing as profoundly as e-mail and the Web.From Grids to Service and Pervasive Computing, the 10th edited volume of the CoreGRID series, is based on the 2008 CoreGRID Symposium, held August 25-26 in the Canary Islands, Spain. The CoreGRID Symposium is organized jointly with the Euro-Par 2008 conference. The aim of this symposium is to strengthen and advance scientific and technological excellence in the area of grid and peer-to-peer computing.This volume is designed for a professional audience composed of researchers and practitioners within the grid and peer-to-peer computing industry. This volume is also suitable for advanced-level students in computer science. TOC:Preface.- Applications.- Agent-Mediated Approaches and Peer-to-Peer Technologies. Tools, Trust and Security Validation.- and many more.- Index.


Component Programming.
Advances in Autonomic Components & Services.
Behavioural model of component-Based Grid Environments.
Towards A Formal Semantics For Autonomic Components.
Integrating Application And System Components With The Grid Component Model.
Resource Management and Scheduling.
An evaluation of availability comparison and Prediction for Optimized Resource Selection in the Grid.
Online Hierarchical Job Scheduling on Grids.
Global Optimization For Scheduling Multiple Co-Reservations In The Grid.
Load Information Sharing Policies In Communication-Intensive Parallel Applications.
A markov model for fault-Tolerant task Parallel Computations.
Service Level Agreement and Self-.
Towards Sla-Based Software Licenses And License Management in Grid Computing.
Using Sla Based Approach To Handle Sabotage Tolerance In The Grids.
Enabling Self-Management Of Component Based Distributed Applications.
Self-Optimizing Classifiers: Formalization And Design Pattern.
Grid Middleware.
A Trace-Based Investigation Of The Characteristics Of Grid Workflows.
Core Services For Grid Markets.
Mining@Home:Public resource Computing For Distributed Data Mining.
Hla Component Based Environment For Distributed Multiscale Simulations.


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