Fisheries Management of Mexican and Central American Estuaries

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August 2014



The tropical estuarine systems of Mexico and Central America are an important part of the region¿s coastlines; for example Mexico alone possesses more than 770 thousand hectares of mangroves, as well as the largest estuarine mangrove complex on the American Pacific (Marismas Nacionales), yet is one of the poorest studied areas in the world. This is the first book that deals extensively with fisheries management issues in this region from physical-chemistry, ecological and socioeconomic views, providing an understanding on the function and the effects of human activities on these areas, with works undertaken by local scientist.


Part I. Physicochemical considerations.-
Part II. Ecological Considerations.-
Part III. Socio economic considerations.



Felipe Amezcua is a research professor at the Institute of Marine Science and Limnology of the National University of Mexico and is based at a station of the Institute in Mazatlan. He specializes in the ecology of estuarine and coastal fish of the Gulf of California as well as small-scale fisheries. He completed his undergraduate studies in Biology at the Faculty of Science from the National University of Mexico and received his Ph.D. in Marine Biology from the University of Liverpool (UK).
Brian Bellgraph is a fisheries scientist for Battelle Memorial Institute at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), one of nine United States Department of Energy federal research laboratories. He primarily studies fish ecology and behavior and the impacts of energy production on fisheries sustainability, but has additional interests in artisanal and subsistence fisheries. Brian obtained a Master's of Science degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University and a Bachelor's of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from Michigan State University.

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