Evolution of Extracellular Matrix

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The evolution of single cells into multicellular organisms was mediated, in large part, by the extracellular matrix. The proteins and glycoconjugates that make up the extracellular matrix provide structural support to cellular complexes, facilitate cell adhesion and migration, and impart mechanical properties that are important for tissue function. Each class of ECM macromolecule has evolved to incorporate distinctive properties that are defined by conserved modules that are mixed together to achieve appropriate function.  This volume provides a comprehensive analysis of how the major ECM components evolved over time in order to fill their specific roles found in modern organisms. The major focus is on the structural matrix proteins, matricellular proteins, and more complex ECM structures such as basement membranes. Adhesive proteins and their receptors are also discussed.


Josephine C. Adams: Extracellular Matrix Evolution: An Overview.
Hiroshi Wada: Domain Shuffling and the Evolution of Vertebrate Extracellular Matrix.
Jean-Yves Exposito, Claire Lethias: Invertebrate and Vertebrate Collagens.
Fred. W. Keeley: The Evolution of Elastin.
Sacha Jensen, David Yadin, Ian Robertson, Penny Handford: Evolutionary Insights into Fibrillin Structure and Function in the Extracellular Matrix.
Fernando Segade: Molecular Evolution of the Microfibril-associated Proteins: The Fibulins and the MAGPs.
Cristina A. Baratta, Theodore J. Brown, Fahd Al-Dhalaan, Maurice J. Ringuette: Evolution and Function of SPARC and Tenascins: Matricellular Counter-adhesive Glycoproteins with Pleotropic Effects on Angiogenesis and Tissue Fibrosis.
David D. Roberts, William A. Frazier: Thrompospondins and their Receptors: Evolving Functions.
Mark S. Johnson, Jarmo Käpylä, Konstantin Denissiouk, Tomi Airenne, Bhanupratap Singh Chouhan, Jyrki Heino: Evolution of Cell Adhesion to Extracellular Matrix.


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