Emergency Radiology

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This book offers a comprehensive review from head to toe on the last development in the management and the treatment of acute and life-threatening conditions. Well-defined diagnostic strategies are of primordial importance in order to ensure optimal and fast global care of the acutely ill or multitrauma patient who enters the emergency department of the hospital. Written by leading experts in the field, this book will help the clinician to understand the clinical problems and to select the methodological and technical options that will ensure prompt and effective response and correct interpretation of the clinical findings. This book is richly illustrated and will serve as unique source of information for radiologists and other specialists including neuroradiologists, surgeons, cardiologists, angiologists and gastroenteologists. TOC:Emergency Radiology: Role of Imaging.- Traumatic Injuries: Imaging and Intervention.- Non-Traumatic Thoracic Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention.- Non-Traumatic Abdominal Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention.-Non-Traumatic Vascular Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention.- Imaging Pediatric Emergencies.


Emergency Radiology: Role of Imaging: Role of Imaging in the Management of the Polytrauma Victim.
Role of 3D Imgaging in the Emergency Room.Traumatic Injuries: Imaging and Intervention: Radiological Hemostatic Intervention at Admission.-Imaging and Intervention in Post-Traumatic Complications (Delayed Intervention).
Imaging of Head Injuries.
Imaging of Facial Injuries,- Imaging of Spinal Injuries.
Imaging of Thoracic Injuries,- Vascular Injuries of the Thorax: Multi-Detector Row CT and 3D Imaging.
Imaging of Abdominal and Pelvic Injuries.-Imaging and Intervention of Large Arterial Trauma.
Imaging of Pelvic Fractures.-Imaging of Peripheral Musculoskeletal Injuries.-Non-Traumatic Neurologic Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention: Imaging of Cerebral Ischemia.-Neuroradiological Emergency Inteventions.
Non-Traumatic Thoracic Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention: Acute Abdominal pain: Diagnostic Strategies.
Imaging of Acute Intestinal Obstruction.
Imaging and Intervention in Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage and Ischemia.-Imaging and Intervention in Sepsis.-Imaging and Intevention in Acute Biliary Conditions.-Imaging and Interbention in Acute Pancreatic Conditions.-Imaging and Intervention in Acute Urinary Conditions.
Non-Traumatic Vascular Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention: Imaging and Intervention in Acute Arterial Conditions.
Imaging and Intervention in Acute Venous Occlusion.
Management of Occluded Hemodialysis Shunts and Venous Access.
Imaging Pediatric Emergencies: Neurological Emergencies.
Thoracic Emergencies.-Non-Traumatic Abdominal Emergencies.



From the reviews:

" ... This book successfully meets its goal of providing an up-to-date reference that addresses emergency imaging and interventions. It is a useful companion to similar previously published texts in emergency radiology but adds the useful facet of including interventional approaches to a spectrum of emergent conditions ... This book would be well positioned as a ready reference in both academic and private practice reading rooms and would benefit emergency medicine physicians as well. "

David D. Pellei, MD; Radiology: Volume 247: Number 1 - April 2008)

"A new text has emerged that deals with the extensive field of emergency radiology. ' the book is informative, up to date, and enjoyable. ' The subject matter is well presented and would be useful to emergency department physicians and radiology residents rotating through a trauma center or emergency radiology department. Those radiologists whose practice does not include the performance of interventional procedures would also benefit from the information in this volume." (American Journal of Neuroradiology, Vol. 29, March, 2008)

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