eHealth, Care and Quality of Life

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November 2013



The debate over eHealth is alive as never before. Supporters suggest that it will result in dramatic innovations in healthcare, including a giant leap towards patient-centered care, new opportunities to improve effectiveness, and enhanced wellness and quality of life. In addition, the growing market value of investments in health IT suggests that eHealth can offer at least a partial cure for the current economic stagnation.  Detractors counter these arguments by claiming that eHealth has already failed: the UK Department of Health has shut down the NHS National Program for IT, Google has discontinued its Health flagship, and doubts have arisen over privacy safeguards for both patients and medical professionals. This book briefly explains why caregivers, professionals, technicians, patients, politicians, and others should all consider themselves stakeholders in eHealth. It offers myth-busting responses to some ill-considered arguments from both sides of the trench, in the process allowing a fresh look at eHealth. In addition, it describes how the technical failures of previous eHealth systems can be avoided, examines the legal basis of eHealth, and discusses associated ethical issues.¿  


1 Introduction: The debate over eHealth.
2 Definitions of eHealth.
3 An introduction to the technological basis of eHealth.
4 eHealth and me: The implications of the Net for health care relationships.
5 Legally eHealth.
6 EU support to eHealth and cost-benefits.
7 No (e)Health without (e)Research.
8 eHealth policy.
9 The high-tech face of eHealth.
10 The data-driven revolution of healthcare.
11 eEducation and eHealth: a call for action.
12 Conclusions.


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