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Thinking and learning are based on powerful concepts - ideas that identify, but also provoke and challenge. This collection is designed to ignite discussions among educators and learners at all levels about social studies concepts that generate curiosity, passion, and a sense of who we are and could be in this world. Contributors to this book, drawn from across the educational field, have focused on five selected concepts: democracy, diversity, ecological/environmental justice, multiculturalism, and social justice, unpacking and repacking each concept in powerful ways to exemplify their generative possibilities. Each author contextualizes their understandings within the broader philosophical, theoretical, and educational discourse, and explores these concepts from their unique perspective and through their multiple lenses. This collection seeks not to provide answers, but to invite readers into an ongoing dialogue about ideas that help us create meaning in the world.


Part 1: Ecological Justice/Environmental Sustainability; A Case for Appeal; We Are Not Strangers Here; Where in the World Is the Justice?; Developing a Disposition towards the Natural Environment in Early Childhood Classrooms;
Part 2: Diversity; Interweaving Diversity; Diversity Creates Dimension; A World of Difference; The Uniformity of Diversity in Canadian Curriculum Documents;
Part 3: Democracy; Democracy in the Classroom; Studying Democracy as an Endangered Species; The 'Ayes' Have It?; To Believe in Democracy Is to Be Profoundly Optimistic about the Capacities of Human Beings;
Part 4: Multiculturalism; Living Together, Growing Together; The Tight Fitting Suit of Multiculturalism; Beyond Foods & Festivals; "Hey Miss, What's an 'Other'?";
Part 5: Social Justice; Unpacking Presuppositions for Social Justice; The Broom and the Water in Social Justice; There but for the Grace of God...?; Social Justice in Social Studies.


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