Educational Policy Innovations

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Oktober 2013



This volume presents how high performing education systems over the world are constantly innovating their educational policies to nurture their citizens for the challenges of the future economy and the anticipation of the unknown. This volume includes a state-of-the-art review of the literature in this field, several commissioned focal chapters focusing on the distinctive case of Singapore and internationally commissioned chapters of several other accomplished education systems around the world. A comparative study of Singapore against other high performing education systems is included to provide greater insights to the possible applications to other education systems.


Series Editors' Foreword
Foreword by Dennis Shirley
Chapter 1 Introduction: Levelling Up and Sustaining Educational Achievement Sing Kong LEE, Wing On LEE, Ee Ling LOW and Jocelyn Shi Yah TAN
Chapter 2 How Useful Are the Experiences of the High Performing Education Systems? Wing On LEE, Ee Ling LOW and Sing Kong LEE
Chapter 3 Developing Educational Policies in a Holistic Skills Framework Andreas SCHLEICHER
Chapter 4  Conceptualising Teacher Preparation for Educational Innovation: Singapore's Approach Sing Kong LEE and Ee Ling LOW
Chapter 5 Singapore's Performance in PISA: Levelling Up the Long Tail Laik Woon TEH
Chapter 6 Singapore's English Language Policy and Language Teacher Education: A Foundation for its Educational Success Ee Ling LOW
Chapter 7 Purposeful Policy and Practice for Equity and Quality - A Finnish Case Hannele NIEMI
Chapter 8 The Light and Shadow of Educational Achievement in South Korea with Suggestions for Levelling Up Youngdal CHO
Chapter 9 Effective Teachers for Successful Schools and High Performing Students: The Case of Shanghai Minxuan ZHANG, Junjie XU and Chuangyuan SUN
Chapter 10 Levelling Up and Sustaining Educational Achievement: The Case of Hong Kong Esther Sui Chu HO
Chapter 11 Perspectives on High Performing Education Systems in Finland, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and Singapore: What Lessons for the U.S.? Lin GOODWIN
Chapter 12 Sustainable, Large-scale Education Renewal: The Case of Ontario Ben LEVIN
Chapter 13 Comparative Analysis of High Performing Education Systems: Teachers, Teaching and Teacher Education as Factors of Success Wing On LEE


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