Educational Media and Technology Yearbook 37

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November 2012



¿¿¿ ¿As digital devices play a more critical role in daily life than ever, more opportunities arise for innovative learning technologies-a trend on full display in the Educational Media and Technology Yearbook for 2012. This latest edition, volume 37, from the Association for Education, Communication, and Technology (AECT) notes the most current trends in the field of learning design and technology, taking into account the implications for both formal and informal learning. The majority of articles train their focus on graduate and professional goals, including an analysis of doctoral programs in educational technology and new collaborative learning platforms. Library science is a featured component of this analysis and Library Science programs are featured prominently in this analysis. Mediagraphy and profiles of leaders in the field are also included.


¿¿ ¿-Introduction to Media and Technology Programs. -Current Trends in Learning Design and Technology. -Leading Programs in LDT.-Current Trends and Issues in Library and Information Sciences. -Updates from Leading Library Science Programs and Scholars. -Leadership Profiles in Media and Technology. -Organizations and Associations in Media and Technology: Worldwide list of Organizations in Learning Design, Techology, Information Science, and Library Programs. -Graduate Programs in ILS or IDT: Worldwide List of Programs in Learning, Design, Technology, Information Science, and Library Programs. -Mediagraphy. -Index. 


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