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April 2014



This book represents a cutting-edge contribution giving an all-around perspective of eco-immunology today. Beside questions of the utmost importance for the whole community of immunologists, e.g, the intrinsic limits of immunological experiments performed at the bench on a limited number of selected models, the book covers several other facets of the eco-immunological approach, including host-parasite interactions, human aging and population immunology. Throughout the book the importance of population dynamics and evolutionary diversification of immune systems is frequently recalled, and makes the reader aware of the basic similarities and differences existing between humans and the models adopted for studying human immune system. The evidenced differences have been recently challenging the reliability of several established animal models and in the book it is discussed for the first time in analytical terms whether mice are reliable models of human inflammatory disorders.


PrefaceDavide Malagoli, Enzo Ottaviani
Chapter 1From immunology to eco-immunology : more than a new nameMark E. Viney, Eleanor M. Riley
Chapter 2System biology models and conceptualizations applied to eco-immunologyDominik Wodarz
Chapter 3Reproductive and immune system interactions in the context of life history and sexual selection theoryKenneth M. Fedorka
Chapter 4Host-Parasite Interactions Jeb P. Owen, D. Hawley
Chapter 5Immune-neuroendocrine integration and its evolutionDavide Malagoli, Enzo Ottaviani
Chapter 6Thymic maturation and programmed cell deathDaniela Quaglino, Alice Accorsi, Federica Boraldi, Enzo Ottaviani
Chapter 7The new antigenic ecospace of the globalized world and its impact on the immune system: the battleground of trade off and antagonistic pleiotropyMiriam Capri, Stefano Salvioli, Daniela Monti, Laura Bucci, Paolo Garagnani, Enzo Ottaviani, Claudio Franceschi
Chapter 8Population Immunology: germs, aging and inflammationAna Maria C. Faria, Claudio Franceschi
Chapter 9Mouse models as paradigms of human diseasesLloyd A. Demetrius, Davide MalagoliIndex


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