Dirty Cities

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Oktober 2013



This volume uncovers the relations between globalization and dirty dealings in urban settings, focusing on some capital cities and on the relations between underground and overground dynamics all over the globe. It aims to provide a new take on the dark side of globalization.


Introduction: Globalization and its impact on the shadow economies in Global Cities; Leila Simona Talani PART I: CAPITAL SINS 1. London: The laundry of choice? Money laundering in the City of London; Leila Simona Talani 2. Crime and No Punishment: Money, Violence and the Neoliberal Transformation of Moscow; Gonzalo Pozo 3. Finding their voice? Romanian immigrant politics underground in Rome; Simon McMahon PART II: UNDERGROUND/OVERGROUND 4. Dandong and Sinuiju: The Sino-North Korean border shadow economy; Ramon Pacheco-Pardo 5. Circling the Wagons: Immigration and the Battle for Space in West Berlin, 1970 - 1990; Alexander Clarkson 6. A Problem You Just Could Not Live Without: Globalisation, Neoliberal Islamism and Informal Sector in Cairo's Dual Economy; Roberto Roccu 7. From Wall Street Traders to Bree Street Traders: The Global Economic Crisis and Street Traders in Johannesburg; Jennifer Cohen Conclusion: Assessing the dark side of globalization; Alexander Clarkson and Ramon Pacheco-Pardo


Alexander Clarkson, King's College London, UK
Jennifer Cohen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
Simon McMahon, King's College London, UK
Gonzalo Pozo-Martin, King's College London, UK
Ramon Pacheco Pardo, King's College London, UK
Roberto Roccu, King's College London, UK
Leila Simona Talani, King's College London, UK
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