Developments in Multidimensional Spatial Data Models

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April 2013



This book presents the latest research developments in geoinformation science, which includes all the sub-disciplines of the subject, such as: geomatic engineering, GIS, remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, digital cartography, etc.


Medial Axis Approximation of River Networks for Catchment Area Delineation.
Representing the Dual of Objects in a Four-Dimensional GIS.
Calibration and Accuracy Assessment of Leica ScanStation C10 Terrestrial Laser Scanner.
A Methodology for Processing Raw LIDAR Data to Support Urban Flood Modelling Frameworks.
Potential of Multiscale Texture Polarization Ratio of C-band SAR for Forest Biomass Estimation.
Reliability of a High Accuracy Image-Based System for 3D Modelling of the Medial Longitudinal Arch During Gait.
WorldView-2 Satellite Imagery and Airborne LiDAR Data for Object-Based Forest Species Classification in a Cool Temperate Rainforest Environment.
The use of Digital Elevation Models for Watershed and Flood Hazard Mapping.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetric Results using different Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning System Approach.
Towards Enhancing Geometry Texturers of 3D City Elements.


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