Collaborative Mathematics and Statistics Research

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November 2014



This volume contains rigorously reviewed papers on the topics presented by students at The 9th Annual University of North Carolina at Greensboro Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference (UNCG RMSC) that took place on November 2, 2013. All papers are coauthored by student researchers and their faculty mentors. This conference series was inaugurated in 2005, and it now attracts over 150 participants from over 30 universities from North Carolina and surrounding states. The conference is specifically tailored for students to present their research projects that encompass a broad spectrum of topics in mathematics, mathematical biology, statistics, and computer science.


Exploration into the harmonic structure of the Table.
The Coupon Collector Problem.
Absolute resolvents and masses of irreducible quintic polynomials.
A linear resolvent for degree 14 polynomials.
Zeroes of partial sums of the square of the Riemann Zeta-function.
Analysis of resonance frequencies for the problem of induced vibrations along the human arm.
Modeling Risky Sexual Behavior among College Students.
Modeling Asian Carp Invasion Using Evolutionary Game Theory.
A comparison of multiple genome-wide recombination maps in Apis mellifera.
Constructing Splitting Fields of Polynomials over Local Fields.
Weight Loss through Bariatric Surgery.
On the Stability of Solutions to a Phase Transition Model.
Two Fluid Flow in a Capillary Tube.


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