Cognitive Activation in the Mathematics Classroom and Professional Competence of Teachers

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März 2013



This work reports the findings of the Professional Competence of Teachers, Cognitively Activating Instruction, and Development of Students¿ Mathematical Literacy project (COACTIV). COACTIV applies a broad, innovative conceptualization of teacher competence to examine how mathematics teachers' knowledge, beliefs, motivational orientations, and self-regulation skills influence their instructional practice and teaching outcomes In this project data was collected on various aspects of teacher competence and classroom instruction from the perspective of both the teachers themselves and their students. Moreover, it gauges the effects of these teacher characteristics on student learning, as indexed by the progress students in each class. Questions addressed in the study which are reported in this volume include: What are the characteristics of successful teaching? What distinguishes teachers who succeed in their profession? How can the quality of instruction be improved?


The COACTIV Model of Teachers' Professional Competence.
Teacher Education in Germany.
The Development of Teachers' Professional Competence.
The COACTIV Research Program: Methodological Framework.
The Model of Instructional Quality in COACTIV: A Multicriteria Analysis.
Task Analysis in COACTIV: Examining the Potential for Cognitive Activation in German Mathematics Classrooms.
Mathematics Teachers' Domain-Specific Professional Knowledge: Conceptualization and Test Construction in COACTIV.
The Effect of Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Content Knowledge on Instructional Quality and Student Achievement.
Teachers' General Pedagogical/Psychological Knowledge.
The Diagnostic Skills of Mathematics Teachers.
Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs.
Motivation as an Aspect of Professional Competence: Research Findings on Teacher Enthusiasm.
General Occupational Motivation and Self-Regulation.
Individual Characteristics of Prospective Teachers.
Learning at University.
Professional Development Across the Teaching Career.
The COACTIV Research Program On Teachers' Professional Competence: Summary and Discussion.
Publications from the COACTIV Research Program (April 2012).


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