Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures

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Dezember 2011



This important text provides a single point of reference for state-of-the-art cloud computing design and implementation techniques. The book examines cloud computing from the perspective of enterprise architecture, asking the question; how do we realize new business potential with our existing enterprises? Topics and features: with a Foreword by Thomas Erl; contains contributions from an international selection of preeminent experts; presents the state-of-the-art in enterprise architecture approaches with respect to cloud computing models, frameworks, technologies, and applications; discusses potential research directions, and technologies to facilitate the realization of emerging business models through enterprise architecture approaches; provides relevant theoretical frameworks, and the latest empirical research findings.


Part I: Concepts and Principles
Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures: Concepts, Principles and ApproachesZaigham Mahmood
Enterprise Architecture FundamentalsSiavash Moshiri and Richard Hill
Cloud Computing Business ModelsAbbas Strømmen-Bakhtiar and Amir R. Razavi
The Convergence of Enterprise Architecture and Cloud ComputingPethuru Raj and Mohanavadivu Periasamy
Part II: Approaches and Frameworks
Component-Based Development for Cloud Computing ArchitecturesMuthu Ramachandran
Identity and Access Management in Cloud ComputingKhandakar Entenam Unayes Ahmed and Vassil Alexandrov
A Cloud Architecture for Educational Enterprises: a Case Study in RoboticsLucio A. Rocha, Leonardo R. Olivi, Fernando Paolieri, Guilherme Feliciano, Ricardo S. Souza, Diego Rodrigues, Fernando Pinho, Fábio Teixeira, Eliane G. Guimarães and Eleri Cardozo
Cloud Computing: an Enabler in Developing Business Models for Global EnterprisesN. Raghavendra Rao
Using Common Logic to Provide a Semantic Enterprise Architecture Framework for Cloud ComputingJeffrey A. Schiffel and Shaun Bridges
Part III: Issues and Challenges
The Cloud Challenges for Enterprise ArchitectsPethuru Raj and Mohanavadivu Periasamy
Service Level Agreements in Cloud Computing: Perspectives of Private Consumers and Small-to-Medium EnterprisesG.R. Gangadharan and Davide Maria Parrilli
Enterprise HPC in the CloudsIoannis A. Moschakis and Helen D. Karatza
Part IV: Further Research and Studies
Cloud Computing and the Emerging MarketJ.D. Thomson
Fair Non-Repudiation Framework for Cloud Storage: Part IJun Feng, Yu Chen, Douglas H. Summerville and Kai Hwang
Fair Non-Repudiation Framework for Cloud Storage: Part IIJun Feng, Yu Chen, Douglas H. Summerville and Kai Hwang
Clowns, Crowds and Clouds: A Cross-Enterprise Approach to Detecting Information Leakage without Leaking InformationNeil Cooke and Lee Gillam


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