Chinese Burn Surgery

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Januar 2015



This is a comprehensive book in burn surgery, written by 25 experts in China. It summarizes the theoretical basis of and clinical experience in the prevention and control of burn injuries. It is a comprehensive and up-to-date reference book for surgeons and scientists working with burn management. The different degree of burns and surgical techniques during burn wound care, reconstruction and healing are reviewed separately. Authors also introduce successful cases in different kinds of burns.


Development of Burn Medicine in China.
The Alterations of Microcirculation in Burns.
Burn Shock.
Infection in Burns.
Bacterial Endotoxin and Exotoxin in Severe Burns.
Advances in Burn Immunology.
Burn Wound Care.
Reconstruction of Burn in Late Phase.
Burn Wound Healing.
Growth Factors and Stem Cells for Wound Repair and Tissue Regeneration.
Inhalation Injury.
Electrical Burns.
Combined Radiation-Burn Injuries.
Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome after Burn Injury.
Metabolism in Burns.
Nutrition in Burns.
Pathological Changes of Visceral Organs and Endocrine Glands after Burns.



Editor Zongcheng Yang is a professor at Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China.

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