Challenges and Opportunities for the World's Forests in the 21st Century

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Dezember 2013



This book addresses the challenges and opportunities faced by the world's forests posed by climate change, conservation objectives, and sustainable development needs including bioenergy, outlining the research and other efforts that are needed to understand these issues, along with the options and difficulties for dealing with them. It contains sections on sustainable forestry & conservation; forest resources worldwide; forests, forestry and climate change; the economics of forestry; tree breeding & commercial forestry; biotechnological approaches; genomic studies with forest trees; bio-energy, lignin & wood; and forest science, including ecological studies. The chapters are contributed by prominent organisations or individuals with an established record of achievement in these areas, and present their ideas on these topics with the aim of providing a ready source of information and guidance on these topics for politicians, policy makers and scientists for many years to come.


Forward; Yvo de Boer1.Introduction; Trevor FenningPART
1. Sustainable Forestry & Conservation Objectives2. A burning issue: Tropical Forests and the Health of Global Ecosystems; Paul McMahon3. Silviculture of planted forests managed for multi-functional objectives: lessons from Chinese and British experiences ; Bill Mason & Jiaojun Zhu4. Forests for all? Considering the conservation implications of human-species interactions in the context of multifunctional forestry; Mariella Marzano, Christopher P. Quine & Norman Dandy5. Human engagement with forest environments - implications for physical and mental health and wellbeing; Simon Bell & Catharine Ward Thompson6. Sustainable forest management in China: Achievements in the past and challenges ahead; Li Nuyun7. The Value of Forest: An Ecological Economic Examination of Forest People's Perspective; Debal DebPART
2. Forest Resources Worldwide8. Global trends and outlook for forest resources; Adrian Whiteman9. Save the forests : Use more wood; Wink SuttonPART
3. Forests, Forestry and Climate Change10. Forests in the global carbon cycle; David Schimel11. Forests, Forestry and Climate Change; John Grace, James Morison & Mike Perks12. The Influence of Climate Change on Insect Invasions in Temperate Forest Ecosystems; Patrick C. Tobin, Dylan Parry & Brian H. AukemaPART
4. The Economics of Forestry13. How cost-effective is forestry for climate change mitigation?; Gregory Valatin & Colin Price14. Additionality of climate change mitigation activities; Gregory Valatin15. Different Economic Approaches to Forest Management; David B. SouthPART
5. Tree Breeding & Commercial Forestry16. A Roadmap to Eucalyptus Breeding for Clonal Forestry; Gabriel Dehon S.P. Rezende, Marcos Deon V. de Resende & Teotônio F. de Assis17. Conifer Somatic Embryogenesis and Multi-varietal Forestry; Yill-Sung Park18. Modern Advances in Tree Breeding; Yousry
A. El-Kassaby, Fikret Isik & Ross W. Whetten19. A 'reality check' in the management of tree breeding programmes ; Heidi S. Dungey, Alvin D. Yanchuk & Rowland D. Burdon20. Seed orchards and aspects on supporting tree breeding; Dag LindgrenPART
6. Biotechnological approaches21. Biosafety considerations in the context of deployment of GM trees; Hely Häggman, Suvi Sutela, Christian Walter & Matthias Fladung22. Scientific research related to genetically modified trees; Armand Séguin, Denis Lachance, Annabelle Déjardin, Jean-Charles Leplé & Gilles Pilate23. Forest Biotechnology Futures; Kevan M.A. Gartland & Jill S. Gartland24. Research and Application of Transgenic Poplar in China; Jianjun Hu, Lijuan Wang, Donghui Yan & Meng-Zhu LuPART
7. Genomic studies with forest trees25. Genome resequencing in Populus: Revealing large-scale genome variation and implications on specialized-trait genomics; Wellington Muchero, Jessy Labbé, Priya Ranjan, Stephen DiFazio & Gerald A. Tuskan26. Comparative and evolutionary genomics of forest trees; Andrew Groover & Stefan JanssonPART
8. Bio-energy, lignin and wood27. Willows as a source of renewable fuels and diverse products; Angela Karp28. Woodfuel production in the UK - unlocking the existing resource and growing for the future; Ian Tubby29. Bioenergy opportunities from forests in New Zealand; Peter Hall & Michael Jack30. Creating the wood supply of the future; Barry Gardiner & John MoorePART
9. Forest Science, including ecological studies31. Community genetics applications for forest biodiversity and policy: Planning for the future; Adam S. Wymore, Helen M. Bothwell, Zacchaeus G. Compson, Louis J. Lamit, Faith M. Walker, Scott A. Woolbright & Thomas G. Whitham32. The long reach of biogenic emissions in the atmosphere; Sanford Sillman33. Ecological interactions of the host-insect system Quercus robur and Tortrix viridana; Hilke Schroeder & Riziero Tiberi34. Forests have survived climate changes and epidemics in the past. Will they continue to adapt and survive?  At what cost?  Stephanos Diamandis35. Horse chestnut bleeding canker - a 21st Century tree pathogen; S. Green,
B.E.  Laue, R. Nowell, & H. Steele36. The use of small footprint airborne LiDAR for the estimation of individual tree parameters in Sitka spruce stands; Juan
C. Suárez



From the book reviews:

'This work can serve as a textbook for a capstone class for forestry majors and is also a useful reference for graduate students, active forest science researchers, and forest management practitioners. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals/practitioners.' (J. Chen, Choice, Vol. 51 (11), August, 2014)

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