Certification and Security in Inter-Organizational E-Services

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September 2005



Certification and Security in Inter-Organizational E-Services presents the proceedings of CSES 2004 - the 2nd International Workshop on Certification and Security in Inter-Organizational E-Services held within IFIP WCC in August 2004 in Toulouse, France.  Certification and security share a common technological basis in the reliable and efficient monitoring of executed and running processes; they likewise depend on the same fundamental organizational and economic principles.  As the range of services managed and accessed through communication networks grows throughout society, and given the legal value that is often attached to data treated or exchanged, it is critical to be able to certify the network transactions and ensure that the integrity of the involved computer-based systems is maintained.

This collection of papers documents several important developments, and offers real-life application experiences, research results and methodological proposals of direct interest to systems experts and users in governmental, industrial and academic communities.


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