Biochemistry of Metabolism

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The Biochemistry of Plants: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 11: Biochemistry of Metabolism provides information pertinent to the chemical and biochemical aspects of metabolism. This book discusses the control mechanisms of metabolism.

Organized into nine chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the history of biochemistry and discusses the developments in the kinetics of regulatory enzymes. This text then examines a theory that explains how subunit interactions modulate the rate of conversion of a substrate into a product. Other chapters consider some relation between cell-wall elongation and cell-wall charge density and explore the subcellular localization of the enzymes of glycolysis. This book discusses as well the regulation of glycolysis and the pentose phosphate pathway. The final chapter deals with the pathways of C1 metabolism that are of prime importance, as the synthesis of several cellular constituents depends directly or indirectly on folate metabolism.

This book is a valuable resource for plant biochemists, neurobiochemists, molecular biologists, senior graduate students, and research workers.
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