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Juni 2012



Based on her successful work across a range of schools, this book consists of 10 sessions that make up a programme to help students who are at risk of exclusion. Each session has detailed facilitator notes and accompanying worksheets on the CD-Rom. The young people learn how to think, communicate, behave and relate to each other and other people in more useful ways.

The book offers:
- content that works for schools, Pupil Referral Units and any setting working with young people on behaviour management;
- advice on dealing with common pitfalls and difficult scenarios;
- guidance on how to work with parents and carers to help them understand how they can reinforce the approach at home;
- activities that work with the 10 to 18 age range.

Everything in this book has been tried and tested with young people who are at risk within their school settings, and for most of them it has been a turning point in their lives.


How to Use This Book
Points to Consider
Introducing the Toolkit: Establishing a Safe Group and Finding Out What the Issues Are
Games, Hooks and Tactics: Common Communication Scenarios for Young People
'What Makes Me Tick?' The Differences between People
Hitting the Targets: Setting Goals and Examining Meanings
Keeping It Real: Understanding Anger and Strategies to Help
Lights, Action, Drama! Understanding Unhelpful Roles and Identities
Fast Forward: Raising Aspirations and Creating a Future
Step over Here: Developing an Understanding of the Views of Others
Premier Skills: Skills for Successful Learners
Look at Me Now...Bring It on! Reflection and Skills for the Future

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