Autonomous Control Systems and Vehicles

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The International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned Systems 2011 was organized by the International Society of Intelligent Unmanned Systems and locally by the Center for Bio-Micro Robotics Research at Chiba University, Japan. The event was the 7th conference continuing from previous conferences held in Seoul, Korea (2005, 2006), Bali, Indonesia (2007), Nanjing, China (2008), Jeju, Korea (2009), and Bali, Indonesia (2010). ICIUS 2011 focused on both theory and application, primarily covering the topics of robotics, autonomous vehicles, intelligent unmanned technologies, and biomimetics. We invited seven keynote speakers who dealt with related state-of-the-art technologies including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and micro air vehicles (MAVs), flapping wings (FWs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), underwater vehicles (UVs), bio-inspired robotics, advanced control, and intelligent systems, among others. This book is a collection of excellent papers that were updated after presentation at ICIUS2011. All papers that form the chapters of this book were reviewed and revised from the perspective of advanced relevant technologies in the field. The aim of this book is to stimulate interactions among researchers active in the areas pertinent to intelligent unmanned systems.


Flight Demonstrations of Fault Tolerant Flight Control using Small UAVs.
Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicle Teams: Recent Work and Open Problems.
Cognitive Developmental Robotics - from physical interaction to social one -.
Towards a Unified Framework for UAS Autonomy and Technology Readiness Assessment (ATRA).
Control Scheme for Automatic Take off and Landing of Small Electric Helicopter.
Evaluation of an Easy Operation System for Unmanned Helicopter.
Control of Ducted Fan Flying Object Using Thrust Vectoring.
Circular Formation Control of Multiple Quad-Rotor Aerial Vehicles.
Decentralised Formation Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Virtual Leaders.
Aerodynamics and Flight Stability of Bio-inspired Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles.
Development and Operational Experiences of UAVs for Scientific Research in Antarctica.
Circularly Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar onboard Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Modeling and Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots - from kinematics to dynamics with slipping and skidding.
Consideration of Mounted Position of Grousers on Flexible Wheel for Lunar Exploration Rovers to Traverse Loose Soil.
Optimal Impedance Control with TSK-type FLC for Hard Shaking Reduction on Hydraulically Driven Hexapod Robot.
LRF Assisted Autonomous Walking in Rough Terrain for Hexapod Robot COMET-IV.
Walking Directional Control of Six-legged Robot by Time-varying Feedback System.
Design and Operation Analysis of Hybrid AUV.
Ultrasound Energy Transmission for WaFLES-Support Intra-abdominal Micro Robots.
Simulation of Supercavitating Flow Accelerated by Shock.
Dynamics of Vortices shed from an Elastic Heaving Thin Film by Fluid


Kenzo NONAMI, Vice President, Prof., Ph.D Department of Mechanical Engineering Division of Artificial Systems Science Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University
Muljowidodo Kartidjo, Prof., Ph.D Center for Unmanned System StudiesInstitute of Technology Bandung Bandung, Indonesia
Kwang Joon Yoon, Prof., Ph.D Department of Aerospace Information EngineeringKonkuk UniversitySeoul, South Korea
Agus Budiyono,  Prof., Ph.DDepartment of Aerospace Information Engineering Konkuk UniversitySeoul, South Korea
Prof. Nonami has published the following title from Springer Japan in 2010. 'Autonomous Flying Robots' The book has captured the public's attention because his robots have actually been used for the investigation of the Tohoku disaster in 2011. (e.g.


'The book is both practical in scope and educational in perspective. ' Autonomous Control Systems and Vehicles - Intelligent Unmanned Systems is a very good read. It includes many learned observations and details about unmanned aerial vehicle research that are on the leading edges of this market. ' This book is an important read for those involved in the autonomous control system and vehicle technology and market place and I recommend it very highly.' (Jeff Thurston,, August, 2013)

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